February 23rd, 2021

ravenclaw always right

enola holmes

Late to the party, but I finally saw the Enola Holmes over the weekend and I enjoyed it a lot! I knew who Milly Bobbie Brown was in name but I never watched Stranger Things, so I wasn't familiar with her acting, and I think she did a good job. The casting was good all around really, and of course Henry Cavill is really handsome. His subtle performance as Sherlock Holmes was well done and I can't believe the ACD estate had the nerve to sue over showing too much emotion. Clearly these people didn't watch Elementary if they thought he was too caring in this adaptation!

Enola and Tewksbury were quite adorable, and I did ship it. From what I can tell, there will be a sequel, and though I've never read them, he doesn't seem to be present in any of the other books but I hope they add him in for a little bit anyway. He can be her Watson. :D

Anyway well paced, the twists were a little predictable but I think the journey to get there was worth it, and I didn't think it dragged at all for a two hour movie.

Worth seeing if you like mystery/detective movies.