March 3rd, 2021

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The Hurt/Comfort exchange, [community profile] hurtcomfortex, is now open for signups, until March 15th, 12:59 PM UST over at AO3.

Rules and guildelines can be found here.

On Tumblr, there is a Marvel Reverse Bang, where it is split up into verses such as TV, Space, Rare Pair, etc. Right now, they are open for signups for the TV Verse for authors/authors/pitch hitters/betas. Artists can sign up until April 11th and authors until May 9th. No deadlines for betas and pitch hitters.

If you're interested, check it out and find out more info here.

Another multi fandom exchange (original works welcome too) that is currently accepting both sign-ups and nominations concurrently is [community profile] itsallinthename, which is a title focused flash fic exchange. Signups go on until March 12th and more info can be found here.

Non fandom related: For those of you who just like to bake/cook, have recipes you want to share or learn some new ones, there is the [community profile] cookbook_challenge. You can commit to as much or as few posts as you would like. The recipes just have to be already in your possession somehow, whether through cookbooks or online bookmarks. :D