May 3rd, 2021

tony stark genius at work

new challenges

[community profile] fancake has opened its new round! The theme for this month is "getting back together".

Two men sitting close together on top of an orange Volkswagen bus parked near the ocean. The men are smiling and leaning into each other. Text: Getting Back Together, at Fancake.

[community profile] fixedthatforyou_fest has compiled the prompts and the list is here. There isn't any claiming, just pick a prompt. Posting will begin on June 12th. More info this way.

[community profile] spring_renewal is a multi fandom prompt fest that is open for prompting until May 7th. Rules can be found here.

[personal profile] fairytaleinspired, a multi fandom exchange dedicated to giving and receiving fanworks based on fairy tales, fables, legends and myths have opened sign-ups until May 8th. Find out more here.

Finally, [community profile] marvel_bang, a Marvel centric Big Bang has opened sign-ups for both authors and artists, until July 1st. Find out more this way.