June 1st, 2021

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june something day 1

If you're interested in answering some fandom related questions, one for the first 20 days of June the list is here.

Day 1: What's changed about your fandom life in the last 365 days?

Well, the fact I have one. It wasn't like I was completely out of fandom- I went on Tumblr now and then, and of course I read fic when I was into a ship, but I think somehow all this quarantine got me motivated to not only become more active, but write fic again, something I hadn't really done in over five, well, closer to 8, 9 years. It was something I fell out of unintentionally, muses dying slowly after Smallville ended, and then I got busy with other stuff, briefly entertained other interests (RP'ing on Tumblr took up some of my time) and then just fell out completely.

But when I was working and at home, I felt the urge to write fic, and well, here I am. I don't think I'll ever be as productive as I once was, but I do feel at the very least I have improved, so that is something. It also made me look at my Livejournal and Dreamwidth, the latter which I find more comfortable these days, and start using both. Definitely more active on Tumblr too, for better or for worse. It is easier to procrastinate and scroll when you are alone. :P