June 8th, 2021

kara crown's mine

june something day 8

Day 8: Crack!fic - We all know it. What's your opinion of it, and if you want, show us an example.

I'm fine with it. Crack!fic can for sure be amusing, when I'm in the right mood for it, but it can be too out there, and honestly, I get second hand embarrassment pretty easily. Probably a lower tolerance for that kind of story, so it's not really the type of fic I read or write. I might give it a chance if the summary sounds intriguing, but overall, probably not.

It is funny since I did enjoy some ridiculous plots Smallville had to offer (Dawn body possession in Spirit comes to mind and even the drunken shenanigans in Fortune), which could be seen as crack, so I'm not opposed it to completely so I wouldn't call myself an anti either.

The only crack fic I toyed with writing was a small ficlet where Lois, Chloe and the League team up to get rid of Clark's red jacket but I never did finish it. Oh well. Too many ideas and not enough time or motivation has always been my problem. XD