June 9th, 2021


june something day 9

Day 9: Drop the cast of a fandom you follow into a reality tv show - who/what/why?

I struggled briefly and then something clicked and my brain was like "Dancing with the Stars- Superhero Edition". Technically, all those competition shows are still reality TV. Why? Not sure, it would be funny. I feel like it would be a better change than putting them in something serious, like Survivor (though the Amazing Race is definitely a possibility!), and I don't think they should be trusted on a singing show and would be way ridiculous on The Bachelor (don't talk to me about the Bachelor Clark/Oliver AU I never wrote). Maybe a cooking one but they would need something pretty basic. I cannot see them on any of those "Real Housewives" though "Real Superheroes of the DCU" seems like a crack fic waiting to happen.

The Smalville Justice League + Lois + Tess on Dancing with the Stars, on the other hand, would be too great. Clark, of course, would be terrible and awkward, but Lois would have a ball with all the costumes.

I can see her, Tess, and Ollie getting pretty competitive. They are for sure top 3! Don't try to convince me that Oliver, being the rich kid he is, wasn't taught to ballroom dance at some point of his life. Emil has secret moves for sure, Dinah might be good, Bart would be funny but not great and Victor and AC have their moments.

I'm going to say Lois wins just because, and she holds it over the rest of them for a very long time. :D