June 10th, 2021

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june something day 10

Day 10: Drop your OTP or small ensemble from the fandom they're in into another fandom - how do they do?

Some crossover pretty easily, like the Gilmore Girls group would be fine in One Tree Hill because they're both teen dramas set in small, even if the characters are different (Haley and Rory would get along though). Stars Hollow may even be a bit odd for some of the OTH characters. I am not sure how anyone deals with facing Kirk or Taylor. Same goes if you switch the Marvel and DC verses, which is probably why there are have already been comic book crossovers.

It would be more interesting to see Joan and Sherlock from Elementary dealing with Smallville type (or even general DC) oddities instead of their usual cases. I feel like Sherlock would be pretty skeptical initially but Joan is more willing to believe and then he would obviously be unable to ignore the clear proof of the strange activity.

Or Smallville getting dropped into Star Trek. The future, all of them in space, the team running a ship. I think they would do okay, especially since Clark is an alien. They can deal with other aliens. Ollie or Clark would take charge, though team leadership does come more naturally to Oliver. Lois always wants to be in the middle of the action but I do wonder what kind of role she would have on a spaceship. Interesting to consider.