June 14th, 2021

rory & lorelai

june something day 14

Day 14: What fandom broke your heart?

Other than every version of Little Women, where despite telling myself i am not going to ship Jo/Laurie *this* time and I end up doing it anyway? The ending is satisfying though, outside the ships, and since romantic relationships don't even fall in the top 5 most important things in the book, I can live with it.

Shows like Suits and One Tree Hill were ones I ditched when they began to disappoint me, so I didn't let it break my heart that much.

Probably Gilmore Girls. The Revival was something I was really looking forward to, and it just, for a lot of it, felt flat. I'm not even saying this as a Rory/Jess shipper, though I would've loved more scenes with them. A part of me truly expected that she would end up with Logan. Between the weird musical that went on too long, Luke and Lorelai's relationship issues, the random letter Emily kept mentioning that never was answered, Rory's affair with Logan, and the insistence on making every character turn into their parents, it was just disappointing. Don't get me started on the fat shaming and ASP clearly using the opportunity to bash millennials. At least it end strong, with the Fall episode, but that could've been a lot better.

Also, the final four words? I would've been really upset if that is how she ended the original show. Rory pregnant in her 30s is okay but if she had ended up pregnant right out of college? No, thanks, do not want. I have a lot of problems with s7 but at least it ended right. The Revival gave me new appreciation for that final scene.