June 17th, 2021

inception spinning top

june something day 17

Day 17: Do you prefer art, fic, or vids? Why? Bonus: If someone was to give you a fandom gift, what format would it be?

I really love all of them to be honest. I never learned to vid and I have zero graphic skills so I only write fic, but I appreciate all means of fandom expression, especially the ones I truly cannot do. Fic is probably the one I like the most, just because I love reading fic, and there really is a good feeling about going back and reading your fave fics to cheer you up when you're down. Though I've also done that with fanvids too. Fic is more readily accessible and I don't need to grab my headphones or worry about who is around me.

If someone gave me a fandom gift, I would be happy no matter what it was. I get giddy with anything but yes, again, art and fanvids would probably be extra special. Someone once made me a Clark/Oliver fanvid for my birthday to the song I most associate with them and I legit almost cried. Still mad at myself for not downloading it because it's long gone.