June 18th, 2021

jasmine & raja

june something

Day 18: Recall a time when two of your fandoms collided, at least in some way. For example, a song that you fell in love with from one fandom showed up in a second fandom.

This was a bit harder, because I couldn't really think of anything. The fandom I was in overlapped with the show, in the sense of someone using the song "Breathe Again" by Sara Bareilles for a Clois fanvid and then the show used it in the finale for well, Clois, and that was a pretty cool coincidence.

I'm sure there have been actor overlaps, where it was like "OH, that guy from "x" show is now here" but weirdly I can't think of anything off the top of my head, which is sad because there are so many people who guest starred on Smallville at some point. Same with Law and Order. I remember seeing Superman Returns and forgetting that Brandon Routh was briefly on Gilmore Girls, for part of an episode so it was funny to go back and see that. Even funnier that his name was "Jess".

I watched maybe two season of Agents of SHIELD and I remember it was a fun looking up the cast and realizing that Ming Na Wen was Mulan. Same when I was a kid and finding out that Scott Weigner, aka Steve on Full House, was the voice of Aladdin.

I will think of something better in a few days and I am going to be irritated and not using that but this is all I have for now. :D