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SV Spoilers and TV Guide news!

Got some spoilers from Kryptonsite.

Episode #8-8: "Bloodline"
November 6, 2008

UPDATED 9/3/08: Lois finds herself in a very unexpected situation. It's not a romantic situation, but it is putting her in a place she's never been before.

I wonder what this will be! I love Lois news! :D

Episode #8-9: "Abyss"
November 13, 2008

UPDATED 9/8/08: The barn scene with a young Clark and Chloe isn't the only Clark-Chloe blast from the past. Other sequences from previous seasons of Smallville will be revisited, and the scenes being revisited were all popular among "Chlark shippers."

UPDATED 9/5/08: Chloe seems to have forgotten a lot of her past and doesn't recognize anyone... except for Davis. Clark goes to Jor-El for help in restoring her memories. (But how, if there is no Fortress? We don't know either...)
- The four cast members in this episode? Clark, Chloe, Jimmy, and Davis.

I don't know why the second spoiler is such a big deal. I mean, people are freaking out already ... of course, Clark will try to help her. She's his best friend. The only thing I'm curious about is how they rebuild the Fortress. Hopefully, it will be more useful this time. :\

The later one, the one posted today ... I am kinda "eeehh" on. I really do believe that this season will have closure for both Clana and Chlark. A side note though ... I don't know why certain parts of Chlark/Chlois shippers think they're so smart and witty when they call us "Noisers". I laugh because really? It sounds stupid. Just had to get that off my chest. :D

And thanks to cloiser_trish, I found out news from Matt @ TV Guide. She e-mailed him and got some info.

OK, but I had better not regret this:

A "random" snippet from shortly after ED dropped the unexpected bombshell on me:

"A lot of things happen in the scenes I'm doing where you definitely see that Lois is love with Clark. She doesn’t want him to know, but she does realize her feelings. She just doesn’t know what to do with them.

I'm shocked! And this isn't even the bombshell. How much bigger can it get? I really am kind of disappointed though ... I mean, I wanted Lois to fall for Superman and Clark to fall for Lois. That's how it goes! I really hope Lois doesn't get her heart broken but it does make me laugh to think about her reaction. :D

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