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It's Reccing Time! :)

I have a list of great fics I read lately and I just have to share. Enjoy! :D

1. Graduation (Clark, Lois, PG) by writer writing- Ever so often, you find a gem of a fic on This is one of them. I found this through clois_news and it's adorable! It has Clark finding out Lois took classes at an online college and graduated and wants to take her out to celebrate. There is Clois banter and it just put a smile to my face. Read it and I'm sure it'll put one on yours too.

2. Consumer Satisfaction (Clark/Oliver, PG-13, s8 spoilers) by ladybugkay- I always adore her Collie and I was thrilled to see she was writing more. Did you see that director's clip of "Odyssey"? This goes after that. Her Ollie is adorable and her Clark is all take charge, which rocks. A definite winner.

3. Once and Future Friend (Chloe/Clark, PG) by kdsch123- A Chlark fic that takes place post "Reckoning". It is a different ending for that episode (no, Lana isn't dead) and the Chlark felt very natural. A very cute fic for sure. :D

4. Saving A Hero (Clark/Lois, PG-13) by autumnrae89- Her Clois is always fabulous and this one is no exception. It has Lois going on a mission to save Clark. I love her Lois ... she's all strong and bold and just plain awesome. Her Clark is adorable too and it's just overall perfect.

5. From Krypton With Love (Clark/Bruce, Adult, WIP) by tmelange- I was glad to see that she was writing again and this was a great start to what I know will be a fabulous story. I love her Bruce ... he's just too adorable. And Clark is great too. I will be very eagerly be waiting for the next part!

6. She's All Yours (Clark/Lois, PG-13) by kimmie2528- An absolutely adorable Clois fic that mostly has Lois interacting with the Justice League. Clark's gone for most of this fic but Lois is hilarious. And Bart plays a significant role, mostly in annoying the hell out of Lois, but he's fabulous. She writes him so well, just like she writes Lois wonderfully too. I was laughing through. Check this out! :)

I hope you like the fics! Remember to leave feedback if you do! Take care all! :)
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