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Erica Durance TV Guide Interview Pt 2

Thanks to my dear cloiser_trish, I found out that the second part of the TV Guide interview is up. The original source is here. I get a lot of Clois fans asking the question, "How quickly will we get a Lane-Kent byline on a story?"
Erica Durance: We haven't done the byline yet, but we have worked on stories together. As he and Lois go undercover on assignments, will we see Clark more and more "disguised" in what will become his trademark glasses?
Durance: I haven't seen those pulled out yet, but it definitely is moving that way. What I really like about this year is they're making Clark more of his own man. Lois will think she's helping him, and he's incredibly patient as he keeps her out of danger, but he gets to solve problems and come to conclusions on his own; it's not always him needing someone to give him the information. He's going solo a lot more, and the fans will really enjoy seeing that. What can you reveal abut Lana's return?
Durance: I know that they're bringing her back [in Episode 10], and that creates some heartache for Lois. They have the whole triangle going again. I don't know exactly how they'll be doing that, but it will be in a way that's very hard for Lois. I wouldn't want to speak for Clark, but I think that he's kind of realizing glimpses of that and how he feels about Lois. He's just not willing to admit that to himself or to her. When Lana comes back, that creates a real problem. A "super-conundrum."
Durance: A super-conundrum. Will we see more of Oliver and Lois?
Durance: She does have to confront her break-up with Oliver, and they do have a few storylines together, but from what I have seen they are not getting back together in the near future. What is Lois' relationship like with her new boss, Tess Mercer?
Durance: She fights with her. [Laughs] She's on the verge of getting fired, so she goes head-to-head with Tess. Listen, if something comes right at Lois' face, she steps in, she never backs off. So far, we've had a few moments where we are not on the same page, and there will be more of that as the season goes by. Is Lois still pursuing the Lex story? At Comic-Con we saw her snooping around the mansion in a maid's outfit.
Durance: Yeah, she's still pursuing that story. It took the backburner for a couple of episodes, because Chloe was in trouble and Lois got sidetracked by some of her other stories. But that's always her main thing. Speaking of Chloe, what's her cousin's take on her new friend, this Davis Bloome guy (aka supervillain Doomsday)?
Durance: She doesn't know what to think of him yet, that's for sure. She's trying to protect Chloe from herself. She thinks that Chloe has fallen too quickly for Jimmy and tries to give her some unwarranted advice and help on that front. Which female character are you sharing scenes with most this season?
Durance: Chloe still. I did a few with Tess, but still Chloe. One reader forwarded me a rumor that Lois would be pushing Clark in the direction of Chloe, but I don't see that happening.
Durance: No. [Laughs] Over the past three years, you've risen on FHM's "Sexiest Women" list from No. 38 to No. 15. To what do you attribute that success? Fewer carbs?
Durance: I think they're being extremely generous! [Laughs] Those magazines are very lovely but there are women on there who I find to be much more stunning. did a poll of TV's Fittest Stars, and you ranked at the top of that.
Durance: Wow! That's nice. But I have to tell you that Allison Mack beat you in our Sexiest Sci Fi Stars poll a few weeks ago....
Durance: Well, I agree with that. I've seen her in person and she is very sexy. She doesn't see herself that way, but I see her like that!

I'm rather excited for this season ... even more so now! I love the idea that Clark will be working more on his own. He has a brain, which was proven to us in earlier seasons ... now it's time to see him use it again!

I was thrilled to see that Chloe will still be the female character Lois has the most scenes with but that's really not saying much. My hopes that we'll get s4-s5 Chlo-Lo. I love the fact that Lois doesn't think they're ready for this marriage either.

And she's not pushing Chlark, so all you Cloisers ... we can rest easy. I have a feeling it was dramatized but now I'm relieved to see it is.

Erica complimenting Allison was just too adorable ... I swear, she's awesome! &hearts

Only 1 more day guys!!
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