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It's baaack!!

I've been waiting for the premiere for weeks and now it's here!

I have to say that I loved it ... it was a great season opener. I didn't check the clock once and I think that it was definitely worth the wait.

Before the actual episode started, there was set of past moments shown. They mixed it all up, which was weird

there was a flashback to past moments but I don’t see why they mixed s6 and s7 all together … can’t they go in order? :\ Anyway, I was just curious. Moving on to the actual episode.

They started out in the Arctic, where a woman walks in asking for Regan. Who is this lady? None other than Tess Mercer, the acting CEO of Luthercorp. Regan isn't impressed and questions her qualifications to which she responds that Lex believed in her and that's all that mattered. She starts making demands, saying that she knows there was someone else there. They say they may have found body remains.

Then you see a figure lurking.

IT'S OLLIE!! Well, the Green Arrow. Justin Hartley is a regular this season (which thrills me to no end) and he wasted no time showing up. He's shoots some arrows and it seems he has not come alone. Dinah's there with her famous Canary cry. Unfortunately he runs into Regan but AC saves his butt. The banter between the three of them is cute.

Well, what do you know? Dinah may be growing on me. ;D

They see something in the trenches and it's Clark's red jacket. Damn, that stupid thing can survive anything, can't it? I swear, it's got its own powers. Ollie asks, "Clark, where are you?" My shipper heart skips a beat.

We roll the credits and OMG! Justin's there! Plus, they have a shirtless scene. Considering how many of those he has, I think it definitely deserved its place. A bit weird to see all the new people and not Michael but JUSTIN! &hearts

After the commercial break, we come back to the Luthor mansion, which Lois has broken into, dressed like a maid. She has tools in her cleaning box and opens a safety box, where she takes a USB drive. Hearing a noise, she closes it and pretends to clean. She's startled by Tess saying "you missed a spot". How the heck did she get back from the Arctic so fast anyway? Oh wait, I forgot ... it's Smallville.

Moving on.

At first she thinks that Tess is the secretary and then someone Lex is having sex with. Tess knows who Lois is and tells her who she is. Lois just wants to know where Chloe is, because there are no records of Chloe's arrest. Tess is assured in Chloe's guilt, just because Lex locked her up. Lois shoots back with, "The only thing that Chloe's guilty of is standing up for what she believes in". The Chlo-Lo ... it EXISTS! She's ushered out by the security but she's happy that she still got something.

I really liked Lois ... she's totally strong and awesome. Her scene with Tess was interesting and I think there's a good dynamic going. How she let Tess think she won and then walked away with evidence was perfect. The actress who plays Tess, Cassidy Freeman, is a bit stiff but she does the cold, determined bitch act really well.

Anyway, back to Chloe ... we find her in Montana and they're testing her because of her high intelligence levels. She tries to protest that she's normal but they say that if she gets tried regularly, she could end up in Federal prison for 20 years. So she goes with it.

In the meantime, our Justice League is frantically searching for our favorite Boyscout with no success. Dinah thinks that they should give up, that something may have happened to him. Does Oliver agree? No way. He tells them that "Clark would never give up on us, we're not giving up on him!" This episode makes me happier and happier by the second. They excuse Bart and Victor's absence (kinda), saying they've searched the southern hemisphere for Clark but it's weird to not see them. I know Kyle had some scheduling issues but I wish Victor had showed up.

Where is the one they're looking for? Well, he's in Russia and we see him next. Scruffy, dirty but still freaking gorgeous. He's moving boxes and when he stops for a second, this jerk guy tells Clark he doesn't get breaks and can't leave until he pays him back. Clark says he can get him the money but that guy won't let him make a phone call. He just wants to let people know he's okay. That dude, however, is not sympathetic. Clark sees an open truck and tries to escape but is stopped with bullets. That man beats him up and knocks him unconscious.

I wonder what the backstory is there ... and it seems Clark doesn't have any powers, which I got from the stills and previews but I do wonder how he lost it. Tom is back with a bang though ... I really love his determination and how adorable he is. :D

Tess gets around quickly because she's now at the Daily Planet, talking to that Regan guy. She asks him about his last flight with Lex and subtly accuses him of taking Lex out. That guy is offended at Tess's accusations and tells her he looked her up. Basically it's a scene of "I'm the better minion" "No, I'M the better minion". Didn't really tune in. But she does say if he doesn't find Lex, he'll lose his job.

We return to Chloe. Glasses guy (as I know call him) wants some help in finding some group of terrorist phone numbers. I feel a bit of dread her but we go on. She decodes the numbers from the encrypted code that they're communicating through ... and OMG! It's the JL numbers. AC goes out first and Dinah goes second. The third one, she stops at the last three digits though ... I think she recognizes Ollie's phone number. I thought of my Chlollie shipping friends there because she recognized Ollie's number and not the other two? Interesting. Either way, she quickly comes to the conclusion that this is NOT the DDS and tries to escape.

It fails ... she is stopped by what looks like Regan. He gets around fast too, I guess. And he is determined to find that third person.

In Russia, Clark is awakening and he's met with the jerk. He tries to fight them but he can't. They're interrupted by a voice speaking Russian (I think it's Russian?) and it's OLLIE! I am not sure how he found Clark and they never explain it but oh well ... he's THERE! He says his name is Roy Conner, which is a nudge to the comic book fans. Drops some names and pretends he's on their side. Eyes Clark and purposely picks a fight with him.

Those two are rolling around ... very HOT. Ollie pulls out a knife and puts it against Clark's neck (see icon), giving some money for the beluga and wants to buy Clark too, on the pretense that he will kill him. Jerk says he'll throw him in for free. Loser ... and he has sucky taste. They walk away and Clark asks Oliver "what took you so long?" Can I get an awwww? ;D

And they're on Ollie's private plane, where Oliver gives Clark a drink, which he promises to be good for him. They're talking and Clark's telling the story of what happened. I do really believe Oliver knows the big secret, from the way they're talking and that? Is awesome. He says "Clark, you could've died up there" and he sounds so worried that my heart melts. Nobody can convince me it's not love. Nobody.

They talk about Lex a little and then Clark mentions Chloe. Oliver tells her what we already know ... she's never been arrested and Clark tells him that Lex probably has her. That "Jimmy betrayed Lex and he went after Chloe". Oh dear ... I wonder how he's going to feel about the proposal and subsequent engagement. :\

For now, Oliver tells her that she may be at a facility in Montana (which she is) and Clark wants to go. Oliver is curious to what Clark can do cuz he doesn't have his powers and "nobody who has ever gone in has come out of that place" but Clark's insistent and they make plans to go.

I really loved the Oliver-Clark bonding in this scene. I felt a good connection from those two ... Justin and Tom did a lovely job. I think Clark can have a solid male friend this season, if they play it right and that's really what I want for him. Lois and Chloe are great but he needs a guy.

Remember how Dinah and AC were caught? Yeah, they're at the facility too, chained up. They refuse to give Regan any answers and he's certain he'll get them from the third member.

Somewhere else, the door gets blown down, allowing Green Arrow and Clark to enter. GA wants Clark to stay with him but Clark wants to split up. Oliver doesn't think that's safe, due to Clark's powerless state but Clark's stubborn and they go their separate ways. Dude, they really can't stay friendly very long, can they? *sighs* Boys.

I'm know this is getting long but I have a lot to say about this one! Bear with me.

Clark's not alone for long ... he meets up with Lois, who is with two security guards (I'm assuming). They ask if they know each other. Clark says "no" and Lois is all "he wish he didn't know me". She takes out the security guards and can I say Lois with a gun is too cool? Because it is! Team Lane-Kent go to find Chloe!

Who is refusing to cooperate and tell these 33.1 people anything. In a creepy scene, they tell her that Moira Sullivan was able to control people and they took some of her spinal fluid (EWW). They inject her with it and she gives them the last numbers. Of course they find out that Oliver is in the building.

Unsuspecting Oliver, who finds AC and Dinah but is injected and told to do whatever it takes to find Lex. Uh, oh.

Team Lane-Kent find Chloe and Lois shoots the door open. She gets taken out immediately walking in but Clark knocks that guy out. Chloe and Clark reunite and I giggle a little because they're all hugging and Lois is just laying there. Poor Lois. I love you Lois! Clark tells her that he came with Oliver and Chloe warns that they're after Ollie.

Clark goes outside and he finds Oliver immediately but Ollie is not his usual self (DUH!). He wants to know where Lex is and when Clark says he doesn't know, fires an arrow at him. OUCH! That was painful to watch. Oliver says the next one will go through his heart if he doesn't tell him but Clark really doesn't know and gets an arrow shot through his chest. It's gruesome.

Ollie snaps out of his trance and rushes to Clark's side. He's all tearful too. Chloe comes out and she says she can heal him. Clark protests of course but it doesn't matter ... Chloe's powers don't work on Clark!

He's flashing back to his memories and the last one is of J'onn. But wait ... that's not a memory. J'onn is there! Why hello Martian Manhunter! Long time no see! He picks up Clark and flies away with him, leaving Chloe and Oliver behind.

The next scene has Clark waking up in a barn and talking to J'onn. I really loved this scene because it has everything I've always wanted to hear. They first talk about how Clark is healed due to the sun but the MM lost his abilities because the sun takes them away. Oh no! How does that work? I hope he gets them back.

Clark has had a few realizations though and sees that the life he's been holding onto at the farm hasn't existed in ages. I'm loving new mature Clark ... he knows he has to move on and says so. J'onn gives him back his jacket ... damn it. That thing should've stayed dead. Overall, it's a very sweet scene and I have hopes for s8.

We go back to Tess, who is entering Lex's former office and the headline of the paper she's reading has "Luthorcorp Executive Goes Missing" with a picture of that Regan guy. Did she have anything to do with it? Maybe. Maybe not ... it may be the League. It's too vague.

Everything is covered by white cloths and the first thing she takes off is the one on the window. Then she takes it off the desk and chair and sits there. A blonde woman comes in, saying that it suits her. She gets upset and says finding Lex is priority. She's a good minion, isn't she? The blonde has a footprint and to me, it looks like Clark's.

The blonde is dismissed and Tess opens a briefcase with a huge diamond looking stone there. It glows ... I wonder it is.

Instead of finding out, we move back to Chloe, who is wondering what's happening to her. She sees Jimmy and they reunite. He's embarrassed about the proposal but she gives him a "yes" answer. "What I wanted in the past kept me from seeing what I have right now." My assumption is that she's talking about Clark. When she says he's perfect, I roll my eyes a little and at least Jimmy disagrees. She then adds, "which is perfect for me". The scene is not as gag worthy as it could've been.

They kiss and at least Chloe is happy.

Clark is meeting with the JL trio. They talk a little and banter, which is fun. Ollie hints at knowing Tess by saying that the new CEO is more manipulative than Lex ever was. When he jokes that Clark sounds like he will be wearing a costume and doing the double life thing like them, Dinah adds, "You might want to find something a little more form fitting."

I was hoping they'd redeem Dinah in this episode and you know what? They did. I really like her now. I still ship Oliver with Clark, Chloe and Lois but she's adorable. At the very least, she has good taste.

In the last few minutes of the show, we have Lois writing an article. There's squeaking noises and she looks annoyed. It's Clark! "I'm sorry, is this bothering you?" "The chair or you in it?" Looks like we're back to our s4 Clois banter! I'm loving Erica's new hair ... the color is fabulous.

They both compliment each other and he starts to leave, telling her he'll see her there bright and early Monday morning. She's confused and he reveals he has taken a job there. Lots of cute dialogue between those two. When she think he's going to be starting at the mail room, he tells her that they're going to be neighbors and takes off.

Lois picks up the name tag in the desk across from hers and seeing his name, says "You got to be kidding me". But she does give a cute little smile looking after him, which rocks!

End of episode. I really enjoyed this one. I thought it went by really well and I'm looking forward to this season. I don't know how other people feel but it was a wonderful start.

The preview for next week looks good too! Sorry for rambling so much. Have a good night all and I'll see you same place, same time next Thursday. :D
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