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You know you love them!

Or at least grown to tolerate it. More recs coming your way guys! Enjoy! :D

1. Priority One (Clark/Lex, R) by morganichele- I know what you're thinking. Is svgurl reccing Clex? No, I haven't hit my head. I just used to ship them and sometimes I get nostalgic. Her writing is wonderful and this ficlet is just too adorable. Will definitely put a smile on your face. :D

2. Secret Slasher (Lois, Clark, implied Clark/Bruce, PG) by genclay- All I can say is ... Lois is a slasher. What more do you need? This is actually supposed to be set in LnC times but I could so see Erica's Lois here. This made me laugh so much and I'm sure you'll enjoy it too!

3. Bloodlines: A Deleted Scene (Clark, Lois, unrated) by xenokattz- Have you read Bloodlines? If you haven't, you must! It's fantastic. A absolutely wonderful fic with a different way of bringing Kon in and the Clark/Lois in it is amazing. This is a deleted scene, taken place before the fic starts and it is so adorable. I don't want to give away too much but just read it! All of it! You won't be disappointed.

4. Upside down and inside out (Lois, Chloe, PG) by simplytoopretty- In the mood for some Chlo-Lo? Then look no further than here. This is a Lois centric piece on the struggles she went through to get her cousin back and how her life was changed during those few months. Set before 'Odyssey'. I love how she got into Lois's head and her Lois was very in character. Her strength, her determination and her love for her cousin is all here. I'm glad there's someone still writing Chlo-Lo and it's even better that it's someone who is just great at it!

5. Odysseus (Clark/Oliver, PG-13) by ladybugkay- This is technically pre-slash but it doesn't change the sheer wonderfulness of this story. It goes through the Clark/Oliver scenes of "Odyssey" and I really enjoy her getting into their heads. Sheer UST and it's beautiful.

6. Awesome Us Time (Chloe/Bart, Clark/Lois, PG-13) by sarcastic_fina- Also up on her LJ but it's locked so this is the link from There isn't enough Chlart in the world and this is Chlart combined with some Clark/Lois and Chlo-Lo. It's so sweet and I love the way she writes dialogue. Plus, her characters are just so cute! A must read! :D

I hope you all like this batch. Remember to leave feedback to the individual authors if you do! :D
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