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8.02 "Plastique" Review!

Looks like I got to watch the show on time after all! :D

Starting off, I'm wondering why they always mix up the scenes in the "previous on Smallville" bit. It's weird. Anyway, back to the episode, which was pretty interesting actually. The characters were good, and I already really like Davis, which surprises me because I was prepared to hate him. Sam Witwer has won me over!

Anyway, onto the episode!

Starting off at the Daily Planet, we see Clark show up in his flannel and backpack. I think he is just so adorable, especially looking at his press pass. He meets with Lois, who immediately demands "what's with the wardrobe malfunction". Some things will never change and that's nice. I know some people say that Lois and Clark dislike each other because of them going back and forth but I think it's cute.

Lois, always quick on her feet, borrows some guy's spare clothes and makes Clark go and change. When he does come out, he looks good, shocking Lois. What I do think is that the formal clothes are almost like the Superman outfit to this Lois, which is funny because it's in the DP where Lois ignores him most canonically.

There's an explosion and Lois falls into him. I wish that moment had lasted a little longer but I'll take what I can get. Clark superspeeds off when she turns around and this? Is going to become a habit. ;)

Clark gets to the scene and he sees the bus. He pulls aside metal, allowing people to escape. Seeing a woman trapped, he rescues her and guess what? It's TESS! She looks him over and says "guess this must be my staff". Tess likes what she sees! LOL! However, does that carrying scene does remind me of 'Apocalypse' with Lois. Just the slow walking and the look and all that. :\

We get the credits and I'm glad that even if Justin isn't in this episode, we see him for a second. I have a one track mind.

After the commercials, Chloe show sup on the scene. She sees a woman that we saw wandering out of the bus earlier and rushes to her side, calling for help. Who answers the call? Why, none other than Davis Bloome! He asks the girl, Bette (who's name I couldn't understand and actually had to look up!), some questions and I think Chloe looks absolutely adorable. The hair, the outfit, everything is working for her. "Thank God you hear me," she tell him. "You're hard to miss." Chloe looks a little shy and I could totally get into this ship. CHLOOM BABY! ;D

Back to Clark, he's saving a kid and Tom Welling with kids is win. I swear, he's just so good with them and melts my heart. He sees Chloe and they talk. Chloe comments on his clothes not stopping him from saving people and Clark explains that that is why he wants to be at the DP, to save people. He just wishes Chloe was there too and hints at her being able to come back, since Lex is gone. Chloe says a change might be a good thing and it's clear for a second that she's trying to tell him about the engagement but they're cut off by Lois's text message. Chloe warns him that it will be harder to get away quickly with Lois around but Clark's confident in his ability to keep his secret from Lois, as he managed to keep it from Chloe. She tells him to tell Lois to "go easy on him".

Though the bashers will disagree and see this as Clark doubting Lois's intelligence, what I believe is Clark knows how Lois sees him. He probably figured that she won't connect the dots because she'd dismiss the idea that Clark was anything but a bumbling farm boy. That's my take anyway.

Also, I guess we can argue the fact that Clark assisted Chloe in cases but I don't like this light switch any more than I liked it with Lois. It could've been handled better. But I'm moving on. No need to dwell on the past.

Clark returns to the Planet and Lois expresses concern but it turns into their usual banter, with Lois trying to teach him the rules. A guy comes in and says that "the boss wants to see you". Lois assumes it's her but it's actually Clark. As Clark walks away, Lois is giving him a look. I think Erica really plays a conflicted Lois and there's definitely something there.

Meanwhile, Clark walks into the office and quickly find out that it's Tess who is his new boss. She introduces herself and they have a little chat about her getting let go and he asks her about taking the bus. She says she's going green and makes a little joke. Then she claims they were destined to meet and said "I already had you on my to do list today". Oh did you now Ms Mercer? Apparently, Lex has told her all about him. She tries to get answers about Lex but Clark said that his and Lex's friendship ended years ago and he doesn't know anything. She lets him go with a thank you and he tells her that he's seen the job consume Lex's life and he would hate for the same thing to happen to her.

Those two have an interesting dynamic going. I guess the new characters are continually proving me wrong, huh? Well, I like being proven wrong. Much rather than get my hopes up and be shot down. I want to see how it plays out.

Blondie (as I now refer to Tess's assistant cuz I don't know her name) comes in as Clark leaves and says "handsome". At least she has good taste! ;) Tess calls him a liar and claims he is hiding something. Though Blondie offers to keep an eye on him, she says, "I'll keep an eye on this one personally".

Chloe is waiting for Bette to come out and gives her some food. But when she asks about her parents, Bette gets defensive. We learn that she is in between homes. All of a sudden, Davis shows up again. Chloe goes to meet him and they talk. She tells him about Bette's situation and says she's going to drop her off at a shelter, which does not set right with Davis. He goes and talks to her, saying that he knows of a place where she'll be taken care of. She's skeptical and Chloe immediately offers that Bette spend the night with at her apt. Bette initially protests but gives in.

I don't know why but Bette doesn't really appeal to me. Maybe it's the actress playing her. I don't find myself very interested in this storyline, though I did enjoy the episode overall.

Team Clois are talking and Lois is confused at Tess's desire to meet Clark, calling her a "pitbull in Prada". Clark teases her and calls her out on saying he has a charming smile. He even accuses her of acting like a jealous girlfriend. Man, I love that Clark can fluster Lois. It's so much fun to watch! Lois, wanting to look like the expert, tries to get the security guard to let them in but she fails. Clark's superhearing picks up a conversation between two police officers and finds out that there was no bomb on the bus. Clark tells Lois the info and that they need to talk to someone who was on the bus. He tries to get Lois to go talk to Chloe and the girl she rescued but Lois tells Clark to take care of that.

At Chloe's apartment, Bette made Chloe a sandwich. Clark arrives and after Chloe assures Bette that he's a friend, he asks her so me questions. Chloe pulls him aside and Clark sas that he thinks that someone with meteor powers blew up the bus. Bette asks about what that is and they tell her. She immediately comes up with some guy named Tommy who she was trying to get away from when she entered the bus.

Bette goes along with Clark after promising to stay in the car, to help him identify Tommy. She sees him and Clark recognizes him as the guy who ran past him when he first got to the scene. When Clark calls out to him, he runs away and Clark runs after him. Bette goes after them. Tommy is trying to get away and Bette says stuff like "it's okay". Tommy says he can't believe that she's doing this to him. Suddenly, Bette's eyes glow and Tommy blows up! Clark is shocked, and he is watching Tommy and not her so he didn't see her do it. So it is finally revealed Bette is the culprit. She calls out to Tommy in "shock" but she looks pleased with herself.

Lois is not sympathetic at Tommy's death at all when they talk about it at the DP. Clark suggests they look a the autopsy report (and who is loving active, thinking Clark? ME!) but Lois says they won't release it. She does say that they can borrow a copy and drags Clark with her, saying they have to write the article. When Clark expresses surprise at her willing to share a byline with him, she says that he is writing Tommy's obits. Clark's on OBITS! Poor guy. I was so close with a Lane-Kent byline too.

Chloe is trying to hang something at Isis and Davis shows up. He had the application for Bette and ends up helping Chloe. They're standing under the light, really close together and there's tension there. He finds out she researched him and says "I kinda always wanted my own stalker". She blurts out she's engaged and he's surprised but kinda bout it. He tells her that if she's found love, then to hold on to it and "if anyone tells you that's a cliche, I'll personally kick their ass".

Guys? I love Davis. I really do! Can he, you know, not be evil and steal Chloe away from Jimmy? Cuz I could really work with this. They have chemistry!

Now we move back to Tess Mercer who is staring at a picture of Bette. Surprise, surprise. A man comes in and he asks if he has found out but he said she has disappeared from the radar. He makes a comment comparing her to Lex but she dismisses it, saying that she wants Bette to be brought to her.

Lois and Clark are in the hospital and Clark is trying to stop her from doing this. But she is on a mission and has all the security cards. Getting him to hold a bunch of yellow flowers, she leaves him in the hallway.

He runs into Davis and pretends he got off on the wrong floor. Davis recognizes him and they exchange compliments. Clark introduces himself and Davis congratulates him on his engagement. "I'm getting married?" Oh Clark, you're so adorable! &hearts Davis reveals that Chloe told him that she was engaged and he had seen them together so he assumed. Clark's all "Chloe's engaged?" That's a sucky way to find out your best friend is getting married. Davis feels bad and he says that Chloe said she hadn't told anyone so he requests Clark not to tell her he told. Clark looks so shocked.

Speaking of Chloe, she is talking to Bette, who is packing. Bette wants to leave and Chloe tries to get her to stay. She gets angry and ends up using her power. Chloe sees it and Bette is all "I wish you hadn't made me do that". Uh, oh. Trouble.

Going back to Lois and Clark, we see Lois come out with the report. Clark analyzes it and Lois is being stubborn while Clark doubts that it is Tommy. I love this Clark ... he's all intelligent and figuring things out on his own. This is a constant patter when Clois teams up, which I really like. HE figures it's Bette. Lois comes out with a "Oh my god, my cousin is babysitting psycho Spice!" She hits the elevator but she looks back and Clark is gone. Get used to it Lois. Seriously. :D

Chloe gets Bette to tell her about her past and how she was locked up. Apparently, something happened and all the people she was locked up with had to be escorted out. They were tagged but she ran off. She told Tommy but he sold her out so she thinks he deserved his death. Chloe figures out that the facility was in Montana and she tells her that she was there too. But Chloe is insistent that you don't kill people. I guess she's changed her mind since "Sleeper". Bette says that she can't risk Chloe turning on her. Chloe runs but Bette goes after her and she almost kills her but Clark shows up and saves the day.

Bette tries to intimidate Clark but fails. He breaks through her barriers as only Clark can and offers to help. She accepts. THIS is why he's my Superman.

Clark and Chloe have another scene together. "Good thing you called Lois and told her you're okay; she almost called the national guard". Okay, why does Chlo-Lo always have to be in Offscreenville? It's annoying. I know that this would've just taken up time but when it's always pushed aside, I'm frustrated. /rant

Anyway, Chloe sympathizes with Bette and they talk about how she should've gotten help earlier. Bette, btw, is in Belle Reve. Chloe looks at her hands and realizes she's missing something. Clark hands her back the ring and asks if there is anything she wanted to tell him. She thinks that Jimmy told him and I'm like "dude, Chloe, do you remember who you're talking about?" I think this scene is really good for Chlarkers. Lots of emotion and Clark says that he's happy for her, though he wished she would've called and told him. Clark says they're more than friends but I'm not bothered. Mostly because I'm still positive that this season will bring closure to Chlark. Chlark shares a hug.

We go back to Tess, who has found Bette. I gotta hand it to Cassidy ... she is doing this well. Bette initially refuses her offer to join them but Tess says that she closed down the facilities. Tries to get on Bette's good side by saying she understands how she feels and as she talks, you can see Bette cave. I'm impressed. Bette says that she has a team of people she wants Bette to meet and when Bette puts herself down, she said "Don't be so hard on yourself. We'll make a hero out of you yet." Yeah, I'm pretty sure when she went. I wonder what this team is.

I love that the show starts with Clois and has Clark's final scene of the episode with Lois. Clark is looking good in his white shirt and black pants. Yay for giving Tom good clothes! Lois mentions the wedding and she doesn't look too happy about Chloe marrying Jimmy. Clark chides her and tells her to be happy for Chloe. Lois proofed Clark's obit and there's red all over the place. She does pay him a few compliments though and even thanks him! Then they go to work, sitting across from each other and being oh so iconic!

The final scene has Chloe calling Davis but getting his answering machine. She's thanking him for his help. We move to an alley, where Davis is lying and screams. Creepy.

Overall, a decent episode. I think the Clois banter saved it for me. I also enjoyed Chloe too and I'm really liking both Tess and Davis. The meteor mutant of the week was not that gripping but oh well. Can't have it all.

I saw the preview for next week and it looks good! Until then guys, take care!
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