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Top 10 Favorite Characters Meme!

snagged from sarcastic_fina

1. List from 10 to 1, 1 being your favorite
2. Provide picture
3. Why are they your favorite?
4. Tag at least 2 other people Not tagging anyone ... snag if you want it!

10. Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

It should be clear why this man makes the list. While I have undying love for Will and how devoted he is, Jack is just irresistible. He's so funny and charming. Sometimes he's selfish and other times he surprises everyone and acts like a hero. Completely unpredictable and it's why we love him. I am not sure about him carrying the entire 4th movie but I'll be watching. Johnny Depp is a wonderful actor indeed.

9. Jasmine (Aladdin)

You can't be surprised that she's here. She's my favorite Disney Princess. Definitely no damsel in distress. Not only is she strong, beautiful and brave, she owns a pet tiger! Sure, she's a cartoon but I love Princess Jasmine! &hearts

8. Elizabeth Bennet (Pride & Prejudice)

One of my favorite books ever and I really love her character. Sure, she's stubborn but I like that. Makes her interesting. I love how she cares about her family. No wonder Mr. Darcy falls for her!

7. Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill)

She is my favorite character on One Tree Hill. I think she's had the best character development of everyone. From an shallow (on the outside), closed off girl to a confidant, intelligent, savvy woman. Loyal, gorgeous and fun ... she's got it all. Sophia Bush plays her well and I totally feel sad at what's happening to her this season.

6. Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)

She keeps coming up in my memes but I can't help it! In Gilmore Girls, she was absolutely adorable. Lorelai was a great mom to Rory and raised her the best she could. I loved that she stood up for herself and didn't conform. No, she wasn't perfectly but she was great all the same. :D

5. Harry Potter (Harry Potter)

He won my heart from the very first book. I wanted to save him from his horrible relatives and give him a big hug. I like that he could've gone into Slytherin, showing that one small action can change someone's destiny completely. Harry was a good friend to Ron and Hermione, he was brave and self sacrificing and while he had his flaws, I think he was definitely a true hero.

4. Bruce Wayne (Batman Begins/The Dark Knight)

I know Christian Bale's version gets a lot of flack, especially for his Batman voice but I really enjoy his portrayal. Not to mention the man's hot! Can't deny that! He's more of a grey hero but that's what makes him interesting. Not to mention he has the coolest gadgets! ;)

3. Lois Lane (Smallville)

For 70 years, this character has been beloved to fans everywhere. She's been portrayed by many different people and in SV, it's Erica Durance. Who I feel does a fantastic job with the role. This Lois is everything I imagine Lois to be. Sure, there were some differences in how her character has developed but at the end of the day, you can't deny the fact that she's snarky, smart, funny and just a whole lot of awesome! I would say she's beautiful but that's a given. ;)

2. Oliver Queen (Smallville)

After season 5 turned out to be a disappointment, he's the reason I watched season 6. I was in love from the second he came on the screen in "Sneeze". I had to keep watching to see what they did with him. Oliver is adorable ... he is so hilarious and just a great character. It helps he parades around in a tight leather outfit and likes to take off his shirt a lot. ;D

1. Clark Kent (Smallville)

At the end of the day, he's the heart and soul of Smallville. He's the reason I tune in weekly. Superman has always been my favorite hero and I have a soft spot for Tom Welling's version. Not only is he very nice to look at (that's a major understatement ... this man is freaking sexy!), he has the sweetest smile and it has been a blast watching him over the years.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this! Feel free to do it too! It's fun!
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