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Random Rants

It's been a while since I actually wrote an entry and subjected my poor flist to one of my random rants.  I think I'm overdue, don't you?

Anyway, have you ever had  a major writer's block? Because that is where I am right now. I can't write anything. I have these ideas but my stories are going nowhere!  It's very frustrating.

What's annoying is that when I had school, I could come up with chapters easier. Times when I should've been studying, I was writing. Now, I'm on summer vacation . . . I have all the free time in the world (for the most part) and I can't bring myself to write. I see these scenes in my head but the words just don't come out. I guess it's not just a writer's block, it's more of a lack of inspiration. I don't really want to write.

Which is ridiculous, I know but it's just the way I'm feeling and it really does suck. My brain is coming up with plots at random times and I can see scenes that I haven't written yet played out in my mind (and of course they're never in order so on some stories, I know how I want it to end but don't know how to reach that ending).

But what's great though is that there are so many good Clark/Oliver stories for me to read. :D I'm so excited that people are writing more Clark/Oliver fics. There are still too few but the numbers are growing. Slowly but steadily. I mean, it took long enough. :) And I really do love Collie. Maybe it's just a thing I have with blondes and brunettes together. After all, one of my first slash pairings was Harry/Draco. Another blonde and brunette.

Harry does have a lot in common with Clark. Black hair? Check. Green eyes? Check. Martyr complex? Check. Heroic tendencies? Check again! There's a lot of differences but I like to see both characters with the blonde billionaires in their lives. Of course, Harry/Draco have that hate thing going but I like to oversee that. ;)

Didn't I say this would be random? A lot of my flist knows that I am not a big fan of Clex. I used to be though . . . I really liked them in the beginning. I guess it's not so much that my interest died in Clex, it's my love for Oliver Queen that took over. I've read waay too many fics where Oliver looks like an ass or really pathetic as Clark chooses Lex over him.

I have nothing against the Clex, it's just I wish authors would not make Oliver look like a fool while they reunite Clark and Lex. Last time I checked, Oliver Queen is not desperate nor does he have to be. Looking like that, he definitely does not have to be following Clark like a puppy. :\ That's one of my pet peeves. I don't really like character bashing but when I see that, I'm tempted to not put Lex in such a nice light in my fics either. Just because. Those authors will never see my stories but in my head, I feel pleased. I know I'm weird but that's me.

My weekend was pretty good otherwise. My mom's birthday was today and we went out to dinner. We did the whole present and cake thing in the afternoon. She's leaving to India in a couple of days and she's going to bring back my grandmother in August. Fortunately, I'll get to spend some time with her before I leave to UCLA. Speaking of which, I have to do some major shopping. I've been avoiding it and I really have to catch up. :D

Well, I'm done for the night. I think I'll head to bed. If anyone actually took the time to read this, well, I'm impressed. Your patience is admirable. :D Maybe tomorrow I'll try to write again.

Then again, maybe not.

Good night all! I hope everyone had a good weekend too! :)

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