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VP Debates

While I wait for Smallville (only another 20 minutes left), I would like to reflect on the Vice Presidential Debates.

I have to be honest ... I wasn't expecting much of Sarah Palin, especially after all her interviews. I have to admit that she surprised me. She stated off a lot stronger than Joe Biden. I think that Biden came up quickly though.

This debate was a lot more friendly. I really felt both candidates were more respectful to one another. Sarah Palin was actually much better than John McCain, in that aspect. Barack Obama was very respectful in the first presidential debates and Biden continued that trend.

Biden, who everyone thought would shoot off his mouth, was very reserved. I have to say, that man is a charmer. Barack Obama is charismatic but I can realize that Joe Biden is a charmer. He does have a nice smile ... it's really genuine. I know that's irrelevant but I do think that Obama-Biden will help restore diplomacy and the U.S. position in the world.

This was an even debate. I'm looking forward to the next presidential one. :)

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