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8.03 "Toxic" Review

I was very excited for this week's episode. Unfortunately for me, my roommate was around so I couldn't take notes on it. So this review may be a little scattered. Just a warning. If things are forgotten, forgive me. :D

I really enjoyed this episode. I have loved Oliver Queen since day 1 and though I didn't really think an episode about his background was necessary, I was excited for it nonetheless. I know some people were worried and I totally understand. This is Clark's show ... how does the history of the Green Arrow play in? It doesn't but that didn't make the episode any less great.

What I loved about it was the character interactions. In the beginning, we see Chloe and Clark talking at the party. I think they both look fantastic ... Chloe's dress was really cute. And Clark! God, he's wearing that suit. Tom Welling is so gorgeous, it's amazing. I'm really thrilled to see him out of the red and blue.

The conversation had me squeeing too! I love that Chloe said that Clark and Lois were attached at the hip. Team Clois working together all the time delights the shipper in me. This was a really good episode for my shipper side.

Chloe tells Clark that she thought she'd be the one correcting Clark's mistakes. I think that this sense of regret is a bit realistic. Chloe cutting ties from journalism completely doesn't make sense and even though if she's confident of her new route, this statement does make it more realistic. Clark tries to make her feel better but they don't get very far.

Oliver has entered the room! Looking quite sexy and with some brunette. He does stumble a lot. Chloe suggests that he started the party in the limo but Clark doesn't agree, and defends Oliver to Chloe. I was so excited. It was an extremely slashy scene, with Oliver falling and Clark rushing to his side. I almost did a happy dance. Chloe also comes to his side and tries to shoo photographers away. Clark wants to get him to a hospital but Ollie doesn't want a hospital and tells Clark that he has twelve hours to live. Dramatic.

This episode was also kind to Chlollie shippers. Chloe and Clark bring Oliver to Isis, which is apparently the new hot spot. Clark still think that Oliver needs a doctor but Chloe says that they should abide by Oliver's wishes. When Clark says that he won't let anything happen to his friend ("friend" ... suuure ;D), Chloe argues back that Oliver is her friend too (Oliver gets around, it seems ... nothing a simple threesome can't solve! LOL!) and if it was Clark, she would listen to what he wants. Apparently, she's worked with him a lot and knows him very well. ;) Clark reluctantly agrees to not call a hospital.

However, Chloe's plan is apparently listening to Ollie and not going to a doctor but she has no problem with bringing the doctor to him. In comes Davis! Who is shocked to see the state that Oliver is in. Chloe and Davis talk, Clark trying to figure out if there is anything Davis can do. Davis will try.

At the Daily Planet, we finally get Lois! She goes to give Tess her article and finds about Oliver falling over drunk by seeing photos on Tess's desk. Or at least that is what it's assumed happened. I love how Lois defends Oliver to Tess. She was so adorable in that scene. Tess challenges her, saying that she did need someone to cover the story but doesn't want someone who is too emotionally involved. Lois says she can handle it and leaves.

Tess and Lois play off of each other well. There's a good dynamic there. Just had to throw that out there.

Chloe is watching over Oliver and is wondering what happened to him when Lois shows up. She wants to know what happened and this is the first Chloe-Lois scene this season, where they actually talk. Lois is freaking out, wondering what happened and how Ollie got this drunk and tries to get Chloe to go get stuff for her. So Chloe has to tell her that Oliver has been poisoned.

Erica is wonderful with emotions. She plays this scene and actually, every scene she's in, excellently. I have so much love for both Lois and Erica Durance.

Lois goes to Ollie's bed and she tries to figure out what's going on. In Oliver's mind, we get to a flashback of when he is on an island.

Oliver's background is cool. Most of it I think I had known, with him landing on the island. I was wrong in how he got there but what can I say? I saw Wikipedia. Not exactly reliable. I'm so glad he didn't eat that bug ... that would've been gross. It was interesting to see how he met Tess. Him getting poisoned by a flower and then her saving him. By using leeches of all things. I thought Tess looked prettier without all that makeup. When they're not trying to make her look all evil, she was very cute.

She does have chemistry with everyone though, including Oliver. However Justin? You're hot and all, especially shirtless but the unshaved look ... never again. That is all.

I felt really bad for Tess when he friend was shot. Ollie jumping and protecting Tess from meeting the same fate made me love him even more.

I like watching Oliver make his arrows before he met Tess and then deciding to get out of there. How he decided that he was going to make something of himself. It's a good explanation for his decision to be a hero and put on the costume. That guy on the island ... I never suspected he was behind the poisoning. To be quite honest, I thought it was Tess.

Of course, the flashbacks came in between other scenes but I decided to just clump the story together. Clark fighting for Ollie's life by searching out for his date and trying to find a solution ... I thought I couldn't get any happier and I did. When Chloe suggested he go to Tess, and he did and she said the cure is in Brazil, I knew he was going to go.

Who I felt sorry for was Lois. How she sat by Oliver's bed and poured out her heart ... I have to say again that Erica was marvelous. Clark putting his hand on her shoulder melted my heart. He's there for her, to support her and I love him for it. I love THEM! Too bad Chloe interrupted the moment. I like Chloe but damn it if she doesn't have bad timing!

Speaking of Chloe and Clark, he finally found out about her new power, as promised in spoilers. I don't really have much to say about that scene but I do like how Chloe was trying to make him see that she had to live her own life. Cut those apron strings!

Clark saved the day though ... twice in this episode! Him getting the antidote in time was something I knew would happen but I was happy to see it anyway. Oliver waking up and telling Clark to go save Tess surprised me. It was that scene and even the one in Tess's office that made me realize she wasn't behind it after all.

That island guy attacked Tess after she got out of the office and she had some good moves herself. Clark was very careful with the way he saved her though. I thought that was smart of him and I think he's getting better with covering his tracks. But you know that Tess is curious.

The Oliver/Tess scene makes me wonder how exactly they parted. Oliver basically was one of the reasons she turned to Lex? They had something going and he just left is what I got from their scene together. She does give him some info.

And when Clark and Ollie meet up, or rather Clark finds Oliver drinking. It seems that Oliver found out his parents were murdered! I was wondering if he was going to ever learn that. OMG! SV! You answered my question! The confrontation scene was intense, Ollie demanding if Clark knew and Clark saying he was worried what Oliver would do. The mosquito line was lame but even Justin made fun of that in an interview. Overall, I liked the scene, even though I was sad that Ollie was accusing Clark of not being fearless. Umm ... after all he's been through, I think he has a right to be scared and much more brave than anyone gives him credit for. So a little off there Oliver but oh well. Can't have everything.

I was shocked that Tess killed the island guy. With that same flower. She's definitely not one to be messed with.

The Chloe-Davis scene keeps proving to me how much chemistry they have. Davis knows about the new power and Jimmy doesn't. Their talk was nice though.

I was surprised at the lack of Clois. I know it wasn't their episode but I'm glad that they at least had one scene at the end. I wished they were able to talk more but it was so sweet of Clark to try to relate with Lois. And Lois didn't take the article! Lois is sensitive and she puts people over stories. Rather than expose Oliver, she took a fluff piece. This is something that is consistent with Lois's character and we've seen this since 'Reunion'.

Oh, and whoever said that Tess was Mercy ... good catch! :D

Overall, I very much liked this one, like I said above. I'm impressed, S8! Keep up the good work! :)
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