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Rec Time!

The list is a bit longer today so I'll put it under a cut to spare your flists. Enjoy!

1. I Dare You to Move (Clark/Lois, Chloe/Jimmy, PG, spoilers) by autumnrae89- This is a cute Clois fic that takes place at the Chimmy wedding. I love the Clark and Lois banter and Ollie is adorable too. Even Lana is nice in this one. It's so fun and definitely worth reading!

2. A Tough Job (Clark, Lois, PG) by saavikam77- This one made me giggle ... a lot. It's set after "Plastique", where Clark is trying to figure out Lois's corrections. So amusing and if you want something to brighten your day, this would be it!

3. How Deep It Lies (Chloe, Clark, Justice League, R, WIP) by revivingophelia- It's a very Chloe centric fic with the JL around. She saves in the JL with her power and it reveals the repercussions of that. There's Clark and the Justice League so it's not just her and I thought it was very interesting.

4. Shots Both Foul and Cheap (Clark/Bruce, R) by quiet__tiger- I do love Clark/Bruce and this one is about Clark and Bruce playing basketball! Bruce is so competitive but it does get steamy on the court, which is always good. Very wonderful read!

5. Lois and Clark to the Rescue! (Clark, Lois, PG-13, completed WIP)- Clark and Lois go to save Chloe and this is what is the result. Lots of banter and just a overall good story! Lots of Clois in this list but that's not a bad thing!

6. Maybe Labels (Clark/Lois, PG-13) by sarcastic_fina- More Clois! It's from Clark's POV and very sweet. Totally will melt your heart and there's even some lovely Clois banter to stop it from being too sappy. :D

7. The BBC (Clark/??, Lois, R) by bradygirl_12- Can't tell you who the Clark pair is otherwise I'll ruin the surprise. But trust me, it's worth the wait. This one is hilarious and when Lois starts wondering about Clark's love life, she begins to snoop. What she discovers and the results are priceless. Gotta check this out. It'll make you laugh for sure.

8. Oliver "What I Do Best" Drabbles (Clark/Oliver, Justice League, Oliver, Chloe, NC-17, G, G) by quiet__tiger- She's really good with packing in a lot in just 100 words! There are three drabbles, the first being lovely Collie. The second is Ollie and the Justice League and the the third has Chloe and Oliver talking. All of them are perfect in their own way. Definitely take a peek! I'm sure you won't regret it!

9. 5 Times Lois Knew Dean Was IT For Chloe (Chloe/Dean, Clark/Lois, PG-13, WIP) by sarcastic_fina- Chlean is fun normally but it's even more fun from Lois's POV. She has a great Lois voice and I love when third parties realize that a couple is perfect for each other. So far, only the first part is out but I'm so excited to see the next four!

10. Anger Management (Clark/Bruce, PG-13) by adarkerknight- It's a bit angsty but the ending is more than worth it. I really think the emotions were well done and the dialogue is great. If you're a Clark/Bruce fan, this is for you!

I hope you liked them! Remember to leave feedback for the authors if you did! Take care all! :)
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