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Presidential Debate #2

So I saw the second debate, which was in a town hall type setting. I was quite happy going on, because seeing the electoral map, Obama has a huge lead. I was hoping he would come in and dominate.

Honestly, I don't think either of them dominated. More than that, this was the debate that I felt like standing up and walking away. I did. They were repeating themselves and went back to childish finger pointing. That's not what people want to hear. The "he said, he did this/that" is painful.

They also both had issues staying within the time limits and twisted the questions to say what they wanted to say.

Both made good points, I'll give them that and I like that Obama brought up education because that is an important issue to me. :D

Overall, it was okay. At least McCain came off less condescending than in the last one but his smile still feels very fake to me.

On a completely unrelated note, I giggled a bit when one of the questioners was named "Oliver Clark". ;)

Feel free to share your thoughts. :)
Tags: election 2008, politics
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