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8.04 "Instinct" Review!

It's Thursday night, which means a new SV!

I really liked this episode! People were worried that it would be a lot like 5.16 "Hypnotic" and Maxima = Simone but I can say that it wasn't the case. Granted, there was a few similarities but this one made me so happy!

My roommate this year is so awesome for one more reason ... she doesn't mock my SV love. I really liked my roommate last year but she didn't understand SV. This year, my roomie actually watches with me. Of course, she only has seen parts of early seasons so I have to explain stuff to her during commercial breaks but it's fun.

The downside of all of this is that I can't take notes. So forgive me if I miss something. My reviews may not be as detailed as before.

Moving on to the actual episode.

We start out with Tess and some minion. I don't know his name. They have Clark's crystal and are trying to analyze it. Tess dismisses the possibility it is from outer space. Oh Tess, so naive. They decide to try something and there is a beam of light that comes from the crystal and goes straight up.

Meanwhile in Metropolis, some dude in a suit is talking on his phone. There is some flickering of lights and ta da! We see the plot of the week arrive. Maxima is here because Smallville likes to throw in every DC Comic character she heard the signal and she thinks suit dude sent the signal. Well, he thinks she's hot so he goes with it and they make out. But something she does to him makes his nose bleed and she realizes he's not the one. Dude dies.

Honestly, I don't find Maxima attractive at all. Apparently, some AlMiles logic of putting women in revealing outfits has passed on to the new heads. My roommate said, without me saying anything, that she was too pale and I agree.

When we get back to the show after commercials and credits, we see a scene at the Kent Farm. And Shelby is alive! I love that dog. &hearts Clark lets him in, looking rather sexy in his outfit may I add and is about to feed him, when he gets a call from Lois. He tells her he's almost there and speeds out. Poor Shelby is left there staring at the food. Fortunately, Clark speeds back and gives him his food. I giggled at the scene.

Though I'm wondering ... doesn't anyone notice that he is coming from Smallville and doesn't have a car? So much for the reporters. :\ Heck, doesn't Lois? Oh well, that's SV for you! Lois is talking into the phone and Clark shows up, claiming to be 2 minutes early. Why hello there Clois! Aren't you two looking adorable today? Like usual?

Lois tries to unload her work on poor Clark, the case in particular being the guy who was killed by Maxima. However, when more details are unveiled, like the fact that there are more victims, making it a more important story, Lois changes her mind and decides to tag along.

I feel bad for Lois, who has to deal with Jimmy too, who has apparently moved in. Why can't Chloe move in with him? Wherever he lived before this! This is kinda ridiculous. Oh well, Lois mentions how lucky Clark is to have the farm by himself and all quiet and Clark is quiet at the idea.

You know what is kind of silly ... Lois telling Clark to stop talking about Lana. Umm ... Lois? He hasn't. In fact, you've brought up Lana more than he has. He didn't even say anything when you went off. I love the gal but she can be a bit crazy. I think she's picking up accusation techniques from Ollie. At least she tells Clark that he has to move on and that there are plenty of fish out there. We've been saying the same thing for years Lois, trust me.

Lois explaining endorphins to Clark did crack me up and they had a funny scene at the crime spot. While Lois was trying to find stuff, Clark uses his powers and sees a sign below the burn or whatever that spot was.

Anyway, we go back to Chloe and Jimmy, who are in the apartment and Chloe is helping him unpack. We learn Jimmy is an ABBA fan. I honestly think Allison is really playing the Chimmy. It's kinda cute but really, the spark died a long time ago, if it ever existed. All Chimmy has ever been is cute, nothing more. Lois is mentioned and Chloe says she's a Whitesnake fan so Jimmy's ABBA love may annoy her and Jimmy acknowledges the fact that he is annoying her.

Really Jimmy? Ya think? /sarcasm

Then comes the dreaded scene. Jimmy finds the "Fever" letter. You know, I thought Clark was supposed to find it? And the last person who we saw have it was Lana. So how did it get back to Chloe and why was it just in some book in a bookshelf? Odd. Anyway, I won't waste time on confusing myself further. He reads it and Chloe sees it too. She tries to brush it off, saying it was a schoolgirl crush but we're back to Jimmy's insecurity and jealousy of Clark. He wants to know why she never said this stuff to him.

And the most boring scene of the episode goes to ...

I'm sorry, I think this proves my point that Chimmy is nowhere near ready to get married. If he can't believe her and she can't convince him, they have no business being together. This is crazy! I like Chimmy in s6 but now they're Clana 2.0 but somehow, getting worse.

We get a break from the Chimmy issues and go back to Tess. She had a package from Ollie, according to Blondie. It has a green dress and an invite to meet him at the Ace of Clubs. Ollie, Ollie, Ollie ... NO. Don't go there buddy. Plus, I know he's not in this episode so I don't care. Tess doesn't care for Oliver either and tells Blondie to pass on the message that she won't be there.

After Blondie is gone, we get Maxima, who has found out where the signal came from. She demands answers and when Tess offers to work together, she attacks her. Seeing the dress, she thinks that Tess is keeping the guy from her and knocks her out. Clearly Tess has kept Lex's nonexistent security and started her rounds of getting knocked up. ;D

At the club, Maxima finds Jimmy, who is pouring his heart to the bartender. The bartender has told him to show the girl he's referring to that there are others out there. Now he's face to face with Maxima, who decides he is what she was looking for. Trouble in the horizon.

Chloe is approached by Tess, who wants her to work for her. Chloe is not convinced and is not intimidated by Tess's tactics. She's dealt with both Lionel and Lex ... you're not on par yet, Tess.

She's the one that everyone goes to so we're not too surprised to see Clark there, asking for help. He expresses worry at her new abilities but she brushes it off.

Back at the club, Maxima tries to seduce the insecure, two timing jerk Jimmy. When she tries to kiss him, he resists at the last second, saying that he's in love with someone else. She assures him that she'll realize they're meant to be and she kisses him. They make out but of course, his nose bleeds and she says it's a shame it wasn't him because she thought he was a nice guy and leaves him there.

Apparently, everyone in the club is wearing blinders because nobody notices this!

Clark shows up at the club and sees Jimmy on the ground in pain and saves him. Oh thank goodness. I have no idea what I would've done if Jimmy had died. *rolls eyes* You know, for saying I liked this episode, I am sounding kinda bitter! LOL! I'm sorry, Jimmy bugs me. Umm ... Clark's hot? That's positive right? Cuz really, he is! He was working that outfit!

In the midst of his saving Jimmy, Maxima spots him and decides that he was what she was looking for. Aren't we all? Hee! ;)

At the hospital, Clark is watching over Jimmy, who wakes up. Clark tells him that he'll be okay. They talk about how Clark knows that he kissed someone else but Clark says it wasn't his fault. Jimmy admits to finding an old love letter of Chloe's and talks about how you never forget your first love. Clark says that everyone has to move on and it's clear that she has because she found Jimmy. In the middle of this lovely conversation, Chloe storms in and throws herself in Jimmy's arm. Clark seems happy for them and leaves.

What I'm loving about season 8 is Clark's proactiveness! He's in the Planet, analyzing security tapes. It's so great! He almost sees Maxima's face but the lights go out. Looks like she found him first.

They talk and she wants him. She kisses him and he's suddenly wants her to. He clears out the desk and they make out. She decides it can't be there so they move to the elevator in an attempt to leave, I suppose. She takes Clark's shirt off and they're making out all over the place.

The door opens and it's Lois! She says his name and he sees her, somehow snapping out of the haze. Saying "Lois". Lois walks away but Erica played the scene very well. I have to admit that I wished she fell for Superman first but if they have to do it this way, they're doing it well!

Maxima wants him to let her go but he refuses. Now, Clark, why do you care so much about what Lois thinks? He catches up with her and she basically brushes him off before leaving. While they're talking, Maxima has disappeared.

Lois goes to her car, muttering about how he's all wrong for her. She tries to turn on her car but she looks up to see Maxima there.

Maxima thinks that Lois and Clark have a thing, which Lois totally disputes. But apparently, she got strong vibes from Lois and the only reason he was able to break away from Maxima is because there was feelings on Clark's part too! CLOIS HAS MUTUAL ATTRACTION!! &hearts&hearts&hearts I'm so happy!

But nobody is standing in Maxima's way and she flips Lois's car. NOT. COOL.

The police show up and you know this isn't going to end well. At least not for them.

Clark is on the search for Maxima and goes to Isis, where he is surprised to see Tess. He questions her and she sees the picture of Maxima and asks him about it. She tells him that they have an encounter earlier and Clark lies and says he's working on a story. Her answers puzzles me. He's a "copy boy"? Okay, whatever.

Their conversation leads to Tess showing Clark the crystal and he has to lie that he has never seen it before. Tess gets a phone call and he overhears Maxima's location so he speeds off when she's not looking.

As expected, Maxima has knocked out the police officers and is heading for Lois, who is all "bring it on" but before she can attack, Clark grabs her and speeds away. I am starting to believe that stupid red jacket has a contract too. It needs to make at least one appearance.

Maxima is all turned on and thinks Clark came back for more but he stands firm. She tries to seduce him and talks about soul mates, etc but while he's a little weakened, he stands his ground and sends her away. Go Clark!

We have a Chloe/Clark conversation, which confirms what my beliefs have been all along. Gough and Millar have been dancing around Chlark and now, PS3 is putting a nail in the coffin. First, they talk about Jimmy and Chloe knowing he made out with Maxima. But she forgives him and Clark asks about a love letter, which causes Chloe to confess and even give him the letter.

She tells him how he said "Lana" and he admits to kind of knowing. But she dismisses it, saying that she's over him and she wouldn't take back her feelings for him but now she's moved on. Clark seems genuinely happy for her. I am proud of Chloe. I'm not a fan of Chimmy but I like her moving on. Not as a Clois fan but just as someone who feels like she needs to get past this, like Clark needs to move on from Lana.

Oh and I guess we're not getting Gabe as a guest star because Chloe asked Clark to give her away. Weird. He agrees though. :)

Clark does tell her that Tess has his crystal and Jor-El may be able to heal her. However, they have to get it from Tess. 3 guesses how they'll do that.

The next scene is even better ... Clois in the loft! Police have said Maxima just disappeared, which she did but nobody is pursing it. Clark talks to Lois about Maxima saying that he's her "soul mate" and Lois tells him he deserves better. He admits that he didn't realize the intensity of Chloe's feelings and worries that when his soul mate is standing in front of him, he may miss it. Lois assures him that when the right one comes along, he'll know. EEK! She's standing in front of you Clark! Clark does offer her a place to stay but she turns him down. Missed opportunities. Oh Clois ... why do you do this to me?

Final scene is with Tess. She's training and Chloe shows up, first threatening her for breaking into Isis and then offering her help. But Tess informs her that the crystal has disappeared. She's determined to get it back and tells Chloe to hang by the phone.

After Chloe leaves, Tess checks her e-mail and sees an e-mail with the picture of the crystal and a message that says that she's not ready for it yet. It's from an "X". Dun dun dun!

That closes the episode. Who is this "X"? Is it out missing billionaire? Perhaps.

I did like this one though. S8, you have won my heart. 4 good episodes in a row? I approve!

Feel free to share your thoughts. I'll see you guys back here next week!
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