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New S8 Spoilers!

I found these out through burningqueen and they're up at Kryptonsite.

8x10 BRIDE

UPDATED 10/7/08: Victor Stone (Cyborg) is one of the episode's "surprise" guests.


-Since Allison is directing 8x13, Chloe's screentime will be limited in this episode.
-Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore and Sam Witwer do not appear in this episode.
-This involves Clark going under cover to investigate something.

Interesting ... I read that he was going to be back elsewhere. It's odd that Ollie may not be around but Victor will. Oh well, I love Lee Thompson Young and I really like Victor so I'm ready to see how this goes. :D

As for "Bulletproof", who is in that episode then? I'm guessing it's the Tom and Justin show then! Hey, no complaints from me! Oh yeah, and there's that Clana dinner date. Darn, forgot about that.

I do like the idea of Clark going to investigate stuff! Yay for Clark's independence! :D
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