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I love my memes ;D

Here's how this one works:

Leave me a comment saying "interview me."
I will ask you five questions.
Post the answers on your lj and then interview your friends!

beef_wonder3 asked me five questions and even though I know I've done this meme before, it's a good one and a great way to learn more about your flist! :D

1.What's your favorite food?
Mmm ... I have to go with pasta. I love pasta. All types of pasta ... that stuff is good! :D

2.Who's your non-SV OTP and why?
I'd have to go with Harry/Draco because they were were my first slash pairing and the reason I got back into reading fanfic. Book 6 was where it really hit me but in the 3rd movie, when Draco was sending that note? If you didn't just saw the way he sent it and ignored what was in it, it looked very slashy. ;D

I was shocked to see so much fanfic at but only when I got to LJ, I saw exactly how NOT alone I was in that ship.

3.American football or Cricket?
I should like cricket but I never caught on to it. My parents like it but I'm more into American football.

4.Pick any scene from Smallville to alter. How would you change it?
Just one? ;) I have to go with the season 6 finale, where Clark and Lana kiss and her wedding ring is STARING US IN THE FACE. I was so proud of Clark when he sent her away in "Hydro" and it was just ... no. Just alter that so she doesn't know the secret and he doesn't kiss her and they don't end up together in s7. Yes, that would please me greatly. ;)

5.Favorite guest character (1 to 2 eps) from Smallville?
Bart Allen ... hands down. He was perfect ... so funny. I love how he got Clark to smile and I really just want him to hook up with Chloe. They're just so freaking adorable! &hearts

Let me know if you want any further explanation on any of the answers or if you want to play!
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