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Some fun reads!

While I wait for SV, I have a few recs. Okay, more than a few. I needed to use a cut. The more the merrier right? Enjoy!

1. Horses (Clark, Martha, unrated) by iliana_1- Baby!Clark FTW! This is a cute ficlet which will totally melt your heart. I love her baby Clark and Martha is just wonderful. Definitely read this! :)

2. Back to the Beginning (Clark/Oliver, PG-13, WIP) by queenjazzy- You know how other fics have a kid go back to the past? Well, this time it's Clark and Ollie's daughter who is sent back to the past after her parents are murdered in the future. Starts pre-"Wither". I love the way she writes all of them and I'm so excited to see more of this story!

3. Wild Little Ride (Clark/Lois, PG-13) by Sunshine and Chocolate- I adore Clois and this is just perfect. Every so often you find a gem on and here it is. An alternate ending to "Instinct" and it's steamy! I could see the Clois conversation in my head. Definitely worth reading!

4. Hypthetically Speaking (Clark/Bruce, G) by adarkerknight- Fluffy Clark/Bruce! I love fluff and this one was very sweet. But there's still some lovely banter that is sure to put a smile on your face. Just an all around winner. :D

5. Why Tempt Fate? (Clark/Lois, PG-13, WIP) by bistyboo1974- The first part out of two is up and it's just wonderful. There's Lois, Clark, cake and kissing ... what more do you need? I love her Lois and I am dying for the second half! If you like Clois, you'll enjoy this. :D

6. Thinking Fast (Tess/Maxima, NC-17) by seriousfic- Yes, it really is Tess/Maxima. Let's just it's a different take on their scene in "Instinct". Come on, you all know that they had chemistry ... Tess just is good with the women on the show. ;D It's very hot and I really enjoyed it. I think you will too. :)

7. In These Quiet Moments (Lois/Bruce, PG, SV/The Dark Knight) by stealthygetaway- I do enjoy Lois/Bruce and this was just adorable. It has Lois observing Bruce while he's sleeping. I love her Lois and this just made me smile.

8. Arrow into the Air (Clark, Oliver, Lex, mentions of past Clark/Lex, R, warnings) by quiet__tiger- This was a very interesting take on the 'Odyssey' scene after Ollie shot Clark. She has great Clark, Ollie and Lex voices and I really enjoyed this fic.

9. Do You Love This Man? (Clark, Lois, unrated, spoilers) by melissa_pbfan- I think the title gives away what spoilers it is for. ;) I like she got into Lois's head in that scene we saw in the trailer. The emotions were done very well and while there is no Clois, this was perfect the way it was.

I hope you all liked the recs! Remember, leave feedback for the authors!
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