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8.05 "Committed"

I've been excited for this episode for a while. Now it's here!

For the most part, I really liked this episode. But there was this one part that ruined it for me. Still no notes so please forgive me if I miss something. :D

We start out at Chloe and Jimmy's engagement party. Lois is at the bar and already well on her way to being drunk. Clark, looking rather sexy in his outfit, is trying to stop her. Lois says what a lot of fans are thinking and doesn't think Chloe and Jimmy are meant for each other and that Chloe is too young to get married. Clark disagrees and tells Lois she should be more supportive. They taunt each other a bit, Clark implying that she's jealous Chloe is heading down the aisle before her, etc ... you know, usual Clois stuff. But Lois argues back and she decides to prove him wrong.

So our dear Lois decides to make a speech. Already I know that this is a bad idea, considering how much alcohol she has consumed. She climbs on a chair starts out by introducing herself and begins telling a story how when they were little, they promised to wait until they meet the special person. Cute enough right? Then she says that that's why you can't trust a ten year old. Oh Lois. Fortunately, Clark is there to take her down from the chair and fixes it, talking about how meant to be Chloe and Jimmy are there.

This? Is why Lois and Clark are meant to be. They balance one another out. Lois shoots off her mouth and Clark knows how to calm everyone else down. I love my Clois.

As for the people that this party is for, they're quite happy. Chloe and Jimmy leave the party, all in love. Chloe says her favorite part was when Clark was talking and Jimmy was smiling because she's happy that Jimmy has finally accepted Clark. He agrees, saying that he knows the future is all about them. They hug and his expression changes ... don't quite believe what you say there Jimmy? Dude, if season 7 hadn't happened, I could so be into this. I loved Chimmy in s6 ... *sniffs*.

Oh well, they are going to go get some "alone time" when there are bright headlights and this guy in a mask shoots them both.

Roll credits.

When we get back, we see Lois, waking up in the Kent Farm. And guess what? She's wearing Clark's jersey. Clark is there to greet her and he gives her some medicine. Lois is a little worried, gesturing to the dress and trying to get Clark to admit if they had sex. And I'm taken back to Crimson. At least then he was purposely baiting her ... now he looks a bit confused. Oh, whatever, Clois is still cute. Apparently Lois took an hour getting changed by herself in the middle of the kitchen. :D

Lois is embarrassed by her stint the previous night and realizes that she's late to meet up with Chloe. Clark offers her a ride back and we find out but she says she can drive perfectly fine. But Clark informs her that she doesn't have her car there because she was too drunk to drive the night before. So Lois has no choice.

Now we move on to The Daily Planet, where Tess is giving orders to Blondie. She wants to find out who took the crystal, not believing it's Lex. Blondie will be fired if she doesn't find that out. Then Tess steps into her office and guess who's already there?

Why yes, it is Oliver. I know burningqueen will really enjoy this episode but I do not. I honestly think Tess has more chemistry with Lois than she does with Oliver. Either way, I have zero control over this show and they're talking. Tess claims that Lex does more good for the world than Ollie ever will. *gags* Spoken like a true minion. He's really trained this one well. Ollie wonders aloud if Tess and Lex had something between them and Tess gets all insulted. So Ollie apologizes. He convinces her to have dinner with him. I'm so not invested in this. Where's Clois? I do have to add that Oliver is so freaking adorable and hot. I love Ollie to pieces, even though I'm questioning his judgment at this moment.

My wishes come true and the next scene has Clois! They arrive at the apartment, where the bed is all decorated. There are fuzzy pink handcuffs and Lois remarks that Jimmy Olsen is not so wholesome. Clark looks put off and I'm right there with him. But my favorite part is how Lois drunk dialed Chloe and says Clark is cute! Can I get an AWWW? ;)

Anyway, they do figure out that Chloe and Jimmy never made it home. Team Lane-Kent is on the case!

Speaking of Chloe and Jimmy, they wake up in a dark room. And they see two chairs where there are dead bodies. Yuck. We meet the masked guy.

Clark and Lois are back! They always save this show for me. But it's so weird that Clark's wearing that red jacket again! Shouldn't he be in his work clothes? I guess I was right about the jacket having a contract.

Them working together is great though. They're a team and they work off each other. Another reason why Clois works. Lois gets Clark to pretend to be a couple so they can be bait. She asks him to marry her, which is SO cute. &hearts&hearts&hearts

I love the nicknames and everything. Lois is purposely torturing Clark and it's hilarious.

There's a few places all the missing couples have been and after being kicked out of the first one, they go to a jewelry place, where they look for rings. I kept laughing through this scene and it gets so much better.

Because Ollie walks in and they have to tell him they're engaged! I couldn't stop laughing. Even Ollie laughed at first and he saw the ring on her finger. It's funny how he's upset with Clark and asks "is it true" to CLARK. Aww, poor baby is feeling betrayed. *hugs him*

Seriously though ... BEST. SCENE. EVER.

Clark and Lois practically run out of there though and Clark escapes from Lois with a bout of superspeed when she's not looking.

Now we go back to Chloe and Jimmy, who are in their chairs. Masked Man tells them about the lie detector test. He asks Jimmy if he's ever cheated on Chloe and he says no. Chloe is shocked. Literally. As in electrocuted. So he admits the truth about Maxima but she already knows.

The big reveal is that Chloe only loves Jimmy. I so knew they were going to go there and that she was going to say 'no' when she was asked if she loves anyone else. It's sad that Jimmy didn't though. I get the fact he was insecure in s6 ... I mean, your new gf has this gorgeous best friend with whom she spends all her time. Hell, he's only human. But two years later, now that they're engaged to be married, I'd really wish he could be more confident in their love.

Anyway, they pass the test and the Masked Man picks up a gun and shoots it. We don't know what happens. Yet.

Oliver arrives for his diner with Tess and she comes at him with a staff. He is handed one and they go at it. Their past was indeed romantic and Ollie cheated on her. Ollie tells her that there's only so many times he can apologize and he did care for her. She asks him what he was scared of and he says her. They kiss.

I should've seen that coming and I did, really. But that doesn't mean I have to like it. And I don't.

We cut to Lois, who's on the phone with Clark. She sees a bright headlight and then she's shot. Masked Man reveals himself to be the guy from the jewelry store.

Then we go back to Chloe and Jimmy, who wake up in their bed. They're relieved that they're okay and are all cute with each other. They talk with Clark, who informs them that Lois has gone missing. He tries to get info from them on the kidnapper and Jimmy tells him something the guy said, which happens to be what he said to Clark and Lois when getting the rings. So Clark knows who it is.

Obviously he runs off the jewelry store and using his superhearing, tracks Lois down and charges in. Unfortunately the dude has a Kryptonite bracelet so Clark's unable to free her in time and he gets knocked out.

When he awakens, he's in a chair too and Lois and Clark have to take that same test. He takes off his mask because Clark says he knows who he is. Lois is asked if she has ever cheated on Clark and she says "no" and poor Clark is electrocuted. She tells that guy that they're not even a couple. But that guy asks if she loves Clark and after a dragged out moment, she says "yes". Clark isn't electrocuted. I can't believe she said YES! OMG! Wow. I know it was a long moment but you can practically see the wheels turning Lois's head, the realizations that she's coming to. And you know she means it. Though I think it's a bit too soon for Clois love confessions, I thought it was a good moment for Lois.

The guy asks Clark the same thing but instead of answering, he hits that guy with his head, having previously found the source of the Kryptonite. Then he rips off the watch/bracelet (wasn't sure what it was) and throws it in the drain.

His powers returned, he uses his heat vision and clouds up the place so he can take this guy out. Then he frees Lois, who doesn't really know what to do.

OMG! Guys, it's a Chlo-Lo moment! THANK YOU SHOW! Lois sees the vid of her speech and is horrified. Chloe is there and they talk about it. Chloe assured Lois she's happy with Jimmy and Lois reluctantly accepts it. Jimmy shows up and she awkwardly hugs him and leaves. Chlo-Lo FTW!

Back to Chloe and Jimmy. Chloe's all excited about a honeymoon spot and Jimmy tells her that he has to tell her something about him. We learn that his parents aren't who he said they were. He has no connection to his mom and his dad is a mechanic and an alcoholic. They have a tense moment but they make up.

Shirtless!Ollie in bed. Yummy. He's only in boxers and looking good. Too bad it means he had sex with Tess. Oh, OLIVER! WHY? I know you're bitter Clark's engaged to Lois but this is not you! That's not my Ollie. Oliver would not sleep with Tess, knowing how much she follows Lex. Oliver has never put his heart first and is not all about his hormones.

Alas, he's a regular and needs a love interest. So they have him trying to seduce Tess back into bed and on a vacation but she's dumb and says no. Moron. What kind of woman turns down that? Anyway, Ollie is only scratched an itch she had and now she doesn't care for him. Ouch. That's cold. Rejected.

Final scene is with Clark and Lois. Lois is trying to duck Clark but he catches up with her at the elevator and convinces her to take it too. Why does Clark look so short in the elevator? Is Lois wearing super high heels and standing on a box? How weird is that? Am I the only one who is confused?

Lois realizes they have to talk and Clark tells her that she's a good liar and fooled the machine. Going with that, she says that she took off the sensor when the guy was distracted. And she adds that it's good she was asked first because Clark is a bad liar. She exits the elevator and Clark has an odd look on his face.

Overall, I liked this episode. A lot. The Clois was too freaking wonderful. Not fond of the Tess/Ollie but I'm hoping they won't pursue that. We even got a Chlo-Lo. :D

Still impressed with s8. :D Feel free to share your thoughts!
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