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SV Spoilers!

Some news courtesy Kryptonsite.

8.08 "Bloodline"
The CW's Official Description (Added 10/20/08): KARA RETURNS — Clark (Tom Welling) receives an anonymous package containing the crystal that Tess (Cassidy Freeman) found in the Arctic. When he removes the crystal, it activates and sends him and a visiting Lois (Erica Durance) to the Phantom Zone where they run into Kara (guest star Laura Vandervoort). Kara opens a portal for Lois to return but Zod’s wife Faora escapes with her and takes over Lois’ body. A possessed Lois goes on a rampage in Metropolis. Allison Mack, Aaron Ashmore and Justin Hartley also star.

8.10 "Bride:
UPDATED 10/19/08: False alarm: Victor Stone/Cyborg will no longer be part of the wedding episode. But... the episode may still have a surprise guest or two.

Aww ... I know I said it was weird for Victor to be the one that was there but I do love him! I'm curious to who the surprise guests will be.

As for "Bloodline", that explains why Lois is attacking people and what not. I hope they give Kara's storyline some closure.
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