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A Food Meme!

I thought this was rather interesting so I had to go for it. The point is for you all to answer these questions in a comment. :D

1. Favorite fruit.
2. Hated fruit.
3. Favorite vegetable.
4. Hated vegetable.
5. Favorite dish.
6. Hated dish.
7. Favorite cuisine.
8. Hated cuisine.
9. Favorite dessert.
10. Hated dessert.

1. Favorite type of pasta.
2. Favorite type of sandwich.
3. Favorite type of salad.
4. Favorite type of bread.
5. Favorite type of soup.
6. Favorite thing cooked on stove.
7. Favorite thing cooked in the oven.
8. Favorite thing that can be eaten cold.
9. Favorite thing that can be made quickly.

1. Chicken?
2. Beef?
3. Seafood?
4. Sweet?
5. Sour?
6. Spicy?
7. Bland?

1. Things you haven't tried but wouldn't mind trying.
2. Things you have tried and wouldn't try again on penalty of William Dafoe Death.
3. Things you can't eat.
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