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8.06 "Prey" Review

I made it home with fifteen minutes to spare! Yes, I so planned my flight so I'll made it in time for SV. Obsessed? Who me? ;D Anyway, onto my thoughts about the episode!

Even though I didn't have a questioning roommate, I still didn't take notes. It's way too stressful to take notes and try to enjoy the show at the same time and I didn't notice much difference between my reviews with notes and without. So I'm going without.

First of all, can I say I'm totally heads over heels for Davis? I know he'll be evil but he's just so sweet. And he was all woobie like too when he was nearly in tears. I wanted to give him a hug.

This, however, is my least favorite episode of the season. I'm sorry, am I the only one who was tuning out in parts? Please, someone, anyone ... bring back Ollie and Lois! I NEED them! I can't ever do this again! :( Anyway, back to the episode.

We start out with Chloe and her counseling group. It's really weird for Chloe to be in this role. I've never really seen her as the mentor type. I guess since that she had nobody to guide her through her own meteor power development, she's trying to help others cope? People say it's OOC but technically, her character shifted the minute that she found out she was a meteor mutant too. Makes her see the people she used to call "freaks" in a different light. I know my explanation is out there but my brain is trying to process and come out with a reasonable reason.

A lot of people are upset with this transition but this Chloe seems here to stay. Her group talks for a while and I really am not paying attention. They throw back uses of their powers and fortunately, the scene doesn't last too long and they disband.

One of the girls ... I think her name is Mary, is walking home and she hears noises. She uses her power to turn on a light and she goes toward it but something drags her from the dark and she gets pulled in.

After the credits, we go to Clark, who is looking yummy in that brown shirt. I mean, I saw stills of it but he looks hot! I love the brown on him ... is there any color that man doesn't look good in? :D

He's with Chloe and they were supposed to be having a dinner and movie night but it turned out to just be burgers at Clark's desk, because he's so busy. Chloe tries to talk to him but he's basically tuned her out. Bad Clark. After Chloe calls him out on it, they part ways, Clark promising that they'll spend time later. Chloe doesn't look convinced.

She leaves and Clark goes back to listening to the radio. He hears that there's trouble so he speeds off, managing to stop a robbery and save a little kid. The third place he has to go is the Ace of Clubs and it's on a rooftop and I know he jumped but it almost looked like he was flying! I wish he would! So I'm going to pretend he did there. ;D

When he gets there, there are screaming people and Clark sees someone trapped and bloody. He reveals them to be none other than Davis!

Davis wakes up and Clark tries to talk to him but Davis can't remember anything. Clark assumes he had a concussion but Davis refuses medical help and instead just leaves. Clark's disappointed but guess who comes next? Our very own Martian Manhunter! J'onn, I missed you!

But he now goes by John Jones and he's a detective for the Metropolis Police Department, saying that he wants to help, even though he doesn't have any powers and wants to be close to Clark, in case he needs help. They chat a bit about the case and Clark's upset that he got to the club too late but J'onn says he can't say everyone. Clark counters with that the last time he believed that, he gave up. Now that's my Superman! Never give up Clark! &hearts

Clark and J'onn noticed a piece of evidence that someone is carrying and I have a bad feeling on what will happen next.

We move onto Jimmy, who is doing research. Clark shows up and Jimmy notices Clark stole evidence. Yup, he has that bag with a cell phone in it. They look at the video on the phone and it's not pretty. Jimmy decides it's not just someone on steroids.

I like a Clark-Jimmy friendship. This is SO much better than Jimmy's jealousy. I can work with this. :D

Clark's next stop is Chloe, as he's decided it is someone who is meteor infected. He tries to see Chloe's check in list but she snatches it away and refuses to help. Seems like the duo is on opposite sides with this one.

Our next stop is Davis in the shower, who is washing away all the blood. He quickly realizes that there is no wound on him so the blood is not his after all. Then, he sinks to the floor and looks so sad. On a superficial note, SV never fails to remind us how pretty their cast is. Because really? He even looks good sad.

Davis goes to the hospital and draws some of his own blood. Barely escaping someone catching him, he promptly runs into Jimmy. Jimmy is actually looking for him and a nurse points him out. They talk and Davis recognizes him as "Chloe's Jimmy". Using his connection with Chloe, he gets Davis to let him come along on an ambulance ride.

Now we go back to Clark, who's talking with J'onn. We find out that even though the list was snatched from Clark, Clark sped read it and memorized it. J'onn first believes Clark had a photographic memory but Clark is quick to correct him on that.

J'onn asks about Lois's whereabouts and apparently, she's at a monster truck rally. I roll my eyes because that's a stupid excuse. *sighs* And they were doing so good with Lois so far too.

So J'onn says that he is worried about Clark is too obsessed with this case but Clark disagrees. A lot of people lecture him in this episode and I really thought we had gotten past this. Both sides come out looking annoying and while Clark did frustrate me in certain parts, I'm tired of the lectures more. What do you want the guy to do? Clark refuses to give up and they notice that there is one paramedic who arrives on the scene first every time. That person being Davis.

Speaking of Davis, he's examining a corpse, when Chloe shows up. They talk for a bit and Davis admits that he thinks he might be the murderer. The scene changes to them being at Isis and Chloe doesn't believe that Davis is a murderer and is more determined than ever to find the real one.

Davis thinks Chloe was "sent to him". Can I get an "AWW"? Well, Davis, I think you were sent to ME, to save me from the Chimmy! Cuz Chloe/Davis? I love them! Can they get married and live happily ever after? I see the chemistry coming off of them ... they're SO freaking cute! I love them! &hearts&hearts&hearts :D They even talk about Davis's childhood and they're so OPEN with each other! We even get a hug! EEK! I don't want him to be evil.

Our next scene is the rest of the group that we saw mourning Mary. Chloe shows up and they are upset with her, saying the cops have been talking to them recently. They believe Chloe gave their names up and Chloe is shocked, swearing she would never do that. But you know she knows who does.

Clark's in trouble but first, he goes to the hospital and meets up with Davis. Clark has a lot of questions starting with ones about why Davis has pictures of the murder victims and Davis is angry that Clark went through his locker. He claims to want to do more than just show up after everything is over and Clark doesn't believe it. Davis shoots back with that there's one more person at the scene, and we all know he knows it's Clark. Clark now has to defend himself, saying he's a reporter but Davis tells him that he's there way before it is the press's time to show up. And then tells Clark that he should mind his own business.

Our Clark doesn't catch a break because in his next scene, he gets told off by Chloe. He kinda deserved that though. Chloe sticks up for her group and they talk about trust but Chloe insists that trust has to go both ways. Clark shows her a file and says that Davis was hiding this info and he hopes that Chloe can read with her new powers. Turns out she can and that it was Davis's skin under the victim's fingertips. Dun dun dun.

Meanwhile, Jimmy is looking around dead bodies when Davis shows up, ready to go as promised. The first moments on the ambulance is awkward, until someone informs about a 411. They speed to the scene. Davis finds a set of keys with blood on them and tells Jimmy to stay put. However, when Jimmy hears a scream, he grabs his own flashlight and goes after them.

At the Planet, Clark and Chloe are investigating. They pinpoint Davis's ambulance's location and then when they hear a scream on the radio, Chloe identifies Jimmy so Clark speeds off to save the day.

He finds Davis covered in blood and asks what happened to Jimmy. Some shadow comes with glowing eyes and drags Davis away. Jimmy is thrown against a dumpster, next to some dead body. Clark finds the shadow using his x-ray vision and throws a tire at it. And it the shadow turns into none other than one of the boys in Chloe's group. Jimmy takes pictures.

There's an odd moment with Clark and Davis. I guess Clark feels bad he suspected Davis? I don't know.

The next scene is very cute. Chloe and Clark apologize to one another. BFF again! Clark's hurt that Chloe trusted someone else over him and Chloe talks about how she's outlined, like, 300 meteor freaks but hasn't saved any. Clark worries that Chloe will one day trust the wrong person. Smallville is not known for its subtlety. But I enjoy Chloe and Clark's friendship so I did like this scene.

But I love Chloe's scenes with Davis even more and there he is! Davis is grateful that Chloe believed in him and they talk about their connection. Chloe says they can't hang out anymore. Oh no, Chloe, don't! Davis looks sad.

At the Planet, J'onn and Clark are talking. J'onn thinks that Clark needs a mask, otherwise he'll expose himself with the rate he's going. Clark promises to be more careful and then Jimmy shows up. He sees J'onn is a cop and tries to talk to him about his theory on the guy who has been saving people lately. But the other cops won't give him the time of day. J'onn says that once he gets hard evidence, come talk to him and leaves. Come back soon J'onn! :D

Jimmy's determined to find the guy and Clark looks a bit worried.

We move on to the MF who is the murderer. Someone comes to see him and it's not his lawyer, but Tess's minions. She knows that he may have committed the last murder but he's not the one who has done all of them before and is just a copy cat. Seems this guy wants attention. He tries to say he was but when she questions him on the whereabouts of some cross of a murdered nun, he has no answers. She offers him a place on the new team Tess is building.

Going back to Davis, he enters his ambulance and what is hanging there? The previously mentioned cross necklace!

End of episode. I thought it was okay. What I did really like was Davis ... he's so adorable! I want Chloe and Davis to hook up so bad. And Clark was looking hot but I guess that's nothing new. Love the variety of colors he's wearing. I much appreciate that. ;D

Next week's episode looks even better!

That's all from me. See you all next week! Feel free to share your thoughts!
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