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SV Spoilers!

Found out through shelly505 that more were up on Kryptonsite.

8.12 "Bulletproof"

UPDATED 10/27/08: Clark goes undercover as a cop after [Detective] John Jones is shot, hoping to find out what actually happened. His cop alias is "Joe Fordman," which could be a reference to Whitney Fordman from Season 1.
- The character of police inspector Dan Turpin - who first appeared in Jack Kirby's New Gods comic book series - makes his first Smallville appearance in this episode. Turpin has a 4-year-old son who is emulating the "Red-Blue Blur" that has enthralled Metropolis in recent months. Turpin's cop partner has recently been murdered.
- Oliver has resumed the role of Green Arrow by this point.
- Turpin witnesses Clark talking to the Green Arrow and realizes he is not who he says he is.
- Dr. Emil Hamilton - also a character from comics lore - assists Clark and Oliver to help John Jones and his unique physiology. Note that Dr. STEVEN Hamilton was the "Dr. Hamilton" seen in Smallville's early years. Keep in mind that the presence of Turpin or Dr. Hamilton could be subject to change.
- Cop sentiment over costumed heroes and vigilantes is rather low.
- Lana and Oliver are keeping a secret from Clark.

Most of these look good! But Lana and Ollie keeping a secret = NOT HAPPY ME. They shouldn't interact ... like, ever. There's supposed to be a kiss in this episode and I'm really hoping it's not them. In fact, the idea is making me physically sick inside.

If Oliver kisses her, I don't think I can ever love him again. Seriously. This is me overreacting but REALLY! I've never prayed harder for a Clana kiss that I'm doing right now. :(

But Clark going undercover is cool and J'onn being back is great!

Feel free to share your thoughts
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