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8.07 "Identity" Review

You know what I love about season 8? I'm actually excited for Thursdays! This week was no exception.

And it was definitely worth it! I really love my show! I was so right ... when you bring back Lois and Ollie, the episodes get SO much better! I was squeeing all over the place! Everyone brought their A-game and I really loved it.

We started off with Lois and Jimmy. It's so weird to see them working like this ... it's almost as if they switched personalities. Lois is all concerned about having a picture while Jimmy is following a lead. I wonder if SV knows their characters sometimes. It's cute to see them working together though. And Lois, I missed you!

She tells him that the only hero she knows about uses arrows and wears leather but she thinks he's not in the game anymore. But Jimmy says this guy is much better.

He also adds that he knew she was too much of a cynic and plans to bring it up to Clark. Lois says that Clark might not fall for it and Jimmy is shocked that she's paying Clark a compliment. :D

Some guy tries to mug them and knocks out Jimmy but even when he holds a knife toward her, Lois is not willing to give up. She's so kickass! It's one of the many reasons I love her. &hearts&hearts&hearts

Anyway, she fights this guy and tries to get Jimmy to take a picture of his face but he's kinda out of it. She's thrown into the street, and a car is approaching quickly. Fortunately, Clark shows up to the scene, knocks out the guy and saves Lois. UNfortunately for him, Jimmy has come to and takes a picture. He looks at his camera is stunned by what he sees.

After the credits, there's a lot going on. Clark knows there has been a picture taken and he is not surprised when Jimmy tells him all about it. All you can see is Lois falling and a red flash. Seriously. He tries to dissuade Jimmy, even suggesting that there were police sirens nearby and the camera took a flash of that because nobody can move that fast. But Jimmy is not convinced and is all set to pursue his story. Clark says that Tess won't let the story print with just a blurry shot but Jimmy has already seen her and she's given him the go ahead. He even tells Clark that he talked to Tess about him writing the accompanying story but Clark doesn't seem interested. Jimmy doesn't believe him and is off to research.

So Clark's next stop is Chloe, who has already heard about the picture and is quite amused. Clark wants her to delete the picture or get Jimmy to forget about this but she doesn't really seem willing. She rationalizes that it's just a blur and nobody could connect him anyway. Chloe says that with the crime rate, knowing someone is out there protecting the streets will bring hope. However, Clark's not falling for that and is still worried. But it doesn't seem like Chloe will be bailing him out this time though.

Meanwhile, Lois is at the Planet, arguing with the police about how they let the guy who tried to mug her get out but she gets nowhere. Then some guy with curly hair approaches her and he knows who she is. She is surprised and doesn't recognize him and he gives her a line about how he would remember a face like that. Lois wonders how he knew who she was and he points to the name tag on her desk. He introduces himself as Sebastian and he's the newest hire at The Daily Planet. Apparently, he covered stuff in Iraq when the first troops were there or something.

She talks to him about being an army brat and then he says that he's new to the city and asks her out that evening. Lois agrees.

There is something off about that guy though because when he shook her hand the first time, we see a flash of the conversation Lois just had.

My suspicions are confirmed when his next stop is talking to Tess. He approaches her and he touches her shoulder and we see an image of Ollie. Yeah, lovely ... I was trying to push them happening to the back of my mind, thanks. At least he's pretty, even if he was only there for a flash second.

Tess is very upset and doesn't want him to touch her again. He wants out and says he won't hurt Lois because she's a good person. But Tess has leverage on him, knowing about the women he apparently stalked and killed before he got control of his powers. She says that once she gets the crystal, he can be free but Lois is one of the suspects that may have it (how that makes sense, I don't know) and he has to find out.

Clark is trying to find ways to make sure the story doesn't make print. He talks to Tess and she is surprised that he doesn't want the story. Yet she is not willing to listen that the story is out there either. She believes that they'll eventually find a name and a face.

He goes through Jimmy's things at the apartment but Lois catches him, forcing him to make up a lie about how he is just getting Jimmy's bag for him. She is surprised that Clark is being Jimmy's errand boy but Clark counters by saying he's being a friend. Clark then comments on her outfit, a short red dress, and she says that she has a date.

She asks him to zip her up, which is a funny and awkward scene. Clark is staring at her back and I'm really amused. Finally he does zip her up and asks if she always dresses in so little on a first date. Sebastian shows up and Lois dismisses Clark as an errand boy and before Sebastian even shakes his hand, Clark is pushed out.

The next scene has Clark doing laundry and he has waaay too much red and blue. But his outfits in this episode were very nice. We saw the evil red jacket briefly but there was this gorgeous white shirt to his layered one that he wore when he was doing laundry. Seeing Jimmy, he quickly clears everything out.

We find out that Jimmy has been doing some research and found old articles from the Torch about mysterious saves. So he thinks that the guy who is doing the rescues went to school with Clark! Clark asks if Chloe gave him the info and Jimmy says that he can work his way around a search engine too. Jimmy has a Smallville yearbook and wants to know if Clark remembers anyone who stood out, which Clark doesn't.

Suddenly, Jimmy sees a picture of Clark and his parents, which he picks up. Clark wants him to be careful and doesn't understand the significance. We find out soon enough. The red blur matches Clark's red jacket and Jimmy puts the pieces together. He confronts Clark about being the savior and how this was Chloe and Clark's big secret.

But we don't get Clark's reaction. Instead, we see Chloe who is searching through databases when Clark comes in, saying that Jimmy knows his secret. Chloe is apologetic and feels bad she didn't listen to him earlier. Clark avoided Jimmy by denying it and saying he had chores. They can't talk too long because Jimmy comes in and he's shocked that Clark is there already and is even more convinced that it's Clark. He says he gets the big secret that Chloe and Clark always had and he understands and basically pledges his loyalty. I like loyal, admiring sidekick Jimmy. He's funny and entertaining. :D

Clark continues to remain stubborn, saying he's just a regular person and Chloe backs him up. Jimmy is disappointed that they don't trust him and is determined to prove it.

Now Clark decides to try a new method ... he goes to see Oliver, who is on his private plane. There are a lot of women and alcohol and I see that Ollie doesn't care about anything anymore but booze and women. Great. Clark tries to get Ollie to talk to him but he's not working out. I'm kinda disgusted here, I'm sorry to say. I mean, who is this guy? Not my Oliver. Ollie says they're going off and he'll send Clark a postcard. When Clark is persistent, he sends the women away, one of them checking Clark out. She's got good taste.

Ollie wants to know if Clark's there to lecture him but Clark informs him what is going on. Ollie doesn't think it's such a bad thing but Clark insists on his help. And at the end of the day, who can resist him? Not I. Or Ollie apparently.

On Lois and Sebastian's date, she's asking a lot of questions about his background. And he tries to answer them but gets her to give him her palm so he can do a reading. The best part about this was that Lois claims she went to a fortune teller and said that she was predicted to fall for a guy who "flies a lot and wears tights". Now she's waiting for her cross dressing pilot to come along! LMAO! She does give in but he doesn't do a reading. Only pretends to. He really scans her memories and finds out that she doesn't have the crystal but she does know the truth about him. He pulls away and gets a call, excusing himself. My favorite part about him reading her memories was that we see her little smile when Clark's zipping her up! Just perfect!

Back to Sebastian. Of course he's meeting Tess and tells her what he knows. He says she knows about him and that Tess better start looking for a new reporter. Uh, oh. Tess, on the other hand, makes a call and tells whoever is on the other end that Jimmy Olsen is the next target.

Chloe, Oliver and Clark are in on a plan to protect Clark, with Oliver being on a rooftop, Chloe in a car and Clark on the street. Clark will come across danger with Jimmy watching. That way Ollie can save him and all is good because it proves he's not the hero. I was so excited when I saw this spoiler ... I love Ollie protecting Clark's identity like Clark did for Ollie in "Hydro". They even reference it in their conversation, which cracked me up. Clark brings up not being comfortable in the leather and Ollie notes how he made out with his girlfriend ... it's all just sheer awesomeness!

Lois's date ends and he tries to go upstairs with her but she refuses and leaves. She is entering the building when she is pushed and Sebastian know has a gun, saying he wants the flash drive.

Jimmy meets Clark and they're talking, saying they'll go to a coffee ship. Jimmy promises he won't look at Clark any differently and that he's still "CK". I was all "awww" here because really, his earnestness is sweet.

At the Talon apt, Lois gives the flash drive to the guy but he's still determined to kill her, despite her promising to keep it all a secret. She's Lois so she fights him but she's in definite danger because he's pretty strong. Getting her cell phone, she makes a call.

To who else but our favorite farm boy. He gets the call and hears Lois. Making a decision, he tells Jimmy he has to go make a phone call and disappears to go save Lois! Knocks out the guy and Lois is left shocked at the sudden turn of events.

Jimmy is attacked too, by Tess's goons. Ollie swings into action and knocks out the guy before swinging back up on the rooftop. The other one in the vehicle drives off.

Clark shows up and asks if he's okay and Jimmy says he saved him. Clark points to the roof and says that it was him. Ollie looks hilarious, with his half GA type outfit and a huge red cape. A lot of people are pointing and whispering. Clark has a thoughtful expression on his face and can I say he looks really hot in his outfit? These jeans, grey shirt and black jacket ... I'm loving it!

Anyway, he later goes to see Ollie who is set to go to Europe but has given up his playboy ways, accepting that inside, he's just Green Arrow and he liked making the save. Yay! They make up for their previous fight and Ollie understands why Clark didn't tell him the truth about his parents' death. He says that his parents wouldn't be proud of the way that he reacted but Clark assures him that his parents would be proud of him. They're BFF again! &hearts&hearts&hearts I can't tell you how ridiculously happy this conversation makes me!!

Clark even tells Oliver that he's considering the double life and maybe he should be there to give hope! Ollie's surprised but pleased! Clark gives him advice saying that he should never wear that cape again because it's awful. Ollie rather liked it and talks about the aerodynamics, even suggesting that Clark wear one. Clark says "Not in this lifetime". Oh SV! I love you and your unsubtle ways! Thank you for making my boys friends again!

At The Daily Planet, the paper has printed the picture of the red streak and Lois. Jimmy apologizes to Clark for dragging him into this but Clark is just flattered that Jimmy thought he could go at lightening speed. Everyone's congratulating Jimmy and even Lois accepts he did a good job. Lois then reveals that she believes in the guy too, since he's saved her twice. And she's determined to get the first interview with him! Can anyone say "iconic?" Clark doesn't look too happy with that. ;D

Our final scene is with Chloe and she visits Sebastian, who's real name is Wilson. They talk and she wants to know how much info she got out of some guy. Then, she takes off her black gloves and holds his wrist and does something to him. His eyes go all weird and you know it's the sign of Brainiac! Chloe walks out and I think that guy is pretty much dead ... Chloe looks a bit shaken but she keeps going. WOW! Evil!Chloe has arrived!

I really liked this episode. Much more than last week. It was entertaining and though I wish Clois had more scenes together, I was impressed. Everyone looked good, especially Clark! LOVED his outfits so much! Well done SV!

I can't wait for next week too! See you guys then!

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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