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snagged from morganichele

A new meme that seems to be pretty popular. I’m bored so I decided to give it a shot. LOL

1. List 5 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.
2. Put all of them in order of your lust for them (1-5, 1 is the hottest).
3. Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
4. Supply photos for said people.

Here's my five!

1. Tom Welling

Really, was there any doubt? He's gorgeous . . . with those beautiful blue-green eyes and that adorable smile. How do you not love him? I first saw him in Smallville and I was hooked. Why else do you think i watch that show?

2. Justin Hartley

Season 5 of Smallville was a disaster and I didn't even know if I would watch Season 6. Saw the first episode and then I saw "Sneeze". And fell in love. Justin Hartley's wonderful portrayal of Oliver Queen got me to stick it through another season. He had lovely eyes and that smirk . . . and his hair is just awesome. Everything about this man is perfect!

3. Orlando Bloom

He was so sweet as Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean. Don't we all want a guy who would be willing to risk death to save us? Especially that hat at the end of "Curse of the Black Pearl". I was gone after that movie. And he made the 2 hr 45 mins of "At World's End" worth it when he emerged as the captain of the Flying Dutchman. *sighs*

4. James Franco

I still haven't seen Spiderman 3!! *pouts* I will . . . eventually. He's totally the reason why though. When he is on screen, I'm like "Peter Parker who?" Poor Tobey doesn't even compare. James Franco was cute in Spiderman 1 but it was Spiderman 2 that did it for me. He looked so gorgeous angsting. And he takes classes at UCLA! I would be so happy if I can run into him. 

5. Jensen Ackles

I will watch Season 4 of Smallville just to see him again. I wish I could say it was Smallville that hooked me but it was really when I saw the Supernatural promos that I was like "wow, he is hot." Second reaction: "Wait a second, he was on smallville?" The third thing I did was watch season 4 again. What a hottie . . . too bad he went crazy at the end. Such a sad way to go. ;)


Anyone who wants to do it, feel free. I'm not going to tag anyone. It's just fun though so I think if you've got some free time, give it a shot. It's an excuse to find pretty pictures of hot guys. ;)
Tags: actor: james franco, actor: jensen ackles, actor: justin hartley, actor: tom welling, meme, orlando bloom

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