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Fic Rec time!!

Because I decided it was long overdue. ;D I hope you like these!

1. Short-Circuit (Victor, AC, Oliver, Bart, PG-13) by quiet__tiger- I love this so much! It makes me giggle a lot. Poor Victor had some issues when breaking into a security system. She has a great voice for all the JL boys and trust me, this will make you smile. :D

2. Theories Proved (Chloe/Bart, NC-17) by sarcastic_fina- I love Chlart and there's a severe lack of it! So I was thrilled to see this one! Chloe has some ideas when it comes to Bart's feet and tests them out. It's really awesome! :D

3. Morning Mojo (Lois/Bruce, mentions of Clark/Oliver, PG-13, SV/Batman Begins) by saavikam77- Brois and Collie in one fic? What more does a gal need? I love her Bruce and Lois ... she does a good job of getting their voices down. The mention of the Clark/Ollie made me very giddy! :D

4. If You Loved Me (Which You Don’t) (Clark/Lois, PG) by seriousfic-This one completely cracks me up. Lois goes on a one woman mission to prove that lie detectors don't work. Clois banter ensues. It made me laugh and I'm sure it will make you laugh too! :D

5. {so used to living underneath the surface} by falsemurmur (Lois, Clark, PG)- This takes place during that famous 'Committed' scene where Lois admits to loving Clark. I think this really gets into Lois's head and I can see her thinking this. Kinda sad at the end but still wonderful!

6. Emerging from the gentle grip of the night (Chloe/Bruce, Chloe/Clark friendship, PG-13) by simplytoopretty- This was very sweet. I liked the dynamic between Chloe and Bruce. It felt very real and she does a good job in nailing their characterizations. And Clark is very supportive. The Chlark friendship here is adorable. If you like Chruce, this is a must read!

7. Monday Morning (Clark/Lois, PG) by moonshayde- She was taking requests for drabbles and I asked for a Clois and this was what came out of it! I love her Clois banter in it and it's something I can see happening on the show. :D

8. Stopping It (Clark/Lois, PG-13, WIP) by burningqueen- This is a very interesting story and I love this idea! Time travel in fics plus Clark and Lois running into themselves? SO awesome and fun! She carries it off just wonderfully and her Clark and Lois voices are perfect. I am eagerly waiting the next part!

9. Under the Sea (Victor, AC, Oliver, Bart) by quiet__tiger- I'm so glad that she writes JL fics! There should be more gen fic. Here, it's AC's turn to get teased. Love their dynamic and it's not very long so it won't take up too much time either! :D

10. Exposé (Clark/Lois, PG) by seriousfic- I thought this was rather unique. Clark's secret gets revealed before he is Superman and Lois has to deal with it. Chloe was great here too and I love her Lois voice. The Clois is so sweet too! Just all around perfect. :)

11. Intoxicating (Bruce/Lois, NC-17, SV/Batman Begins) by stealthygetaway- This is a fun, hot Bruce/Lois oneshot! Not a lot of Brois fics out there and I was glad to see this one! Because admit it ... they'd be a very gorgeous couple! So if you're interested, check this one out! :D

12. Committing to a Moment (Clark/Lois, PG-13, sequel) by Sunshine and Chocolate- This is the sequel to Wild Little Ride and I think I love this even more than the original story! It takes place during that 'Committed' elevator scene with a bit of a twist. I love how aggressive Clark is and her Lois is awesome too! If you liked the first one (and if you haven't read that, you should), you'll enjoy this!

I know this list was a bit longer than my previous ones but the more, the merrier right? ;) If you enjoy something, remember to leave feedback! :D Have a nice upcoming week guys!
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