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8.08 "Bloodline" Review!

It's Thursday night and that's Smallville night!

S8, you're doing so well! Tonight was no exception. They brought back Kara for an episode but from what I can tell, she didn't have that much screen time. That was weird. But overall, the episode was good. :D

We start with Lois moving in to the farm! I was surprised ... that was something I didn't expect coming. And clearly, either did Clark. He doesn't get why Lois is putting her stuff in until she explains to him that she is taking him on his offer. Clark doesn't exactly look pleased and tries to convince her out of it. But she is not relenting and doesn't really get his hints.

Those two always manage to make me laugh. Oh, Clois, never leave me! &hearts

Lois has Clark's package and she gives it to him. He opens it and guess what's there? It's the crystal that Tess had last! I'm really doubting that it is Lex who is 'X' (considering that MR is not coming back, that was not a possibility anyway). I'm seriously taking theclexfactor's (and I think she's the one who said it) suggestion that Lana may be "X" into consideration.

Anyway, Lois thinks it's just a paperweight but it glows when Clark picks it up and she comments that it at least came with batteries. Clark tries to get away with it and tells Lois to leave when he realizes what is happening but she doesn't listen and they both get swept away. Off to the Phantom Zone they go!

Our next scene shows Chloe, who is helping Lois move. She comes into an empty farm though and is worried when she notices the broken window. Seeing the crystal, she puts it in her purse and gets it out of sight right on time. We hear Tess, who has let herself in. Apparently, she wants the crystal and she has tracked it down to where near Chloe was standing.

Chloe covers for Clark, saying that Clark is ordinary and wouldn't have anything of that type. Tess obviously doesn't believe her but there's not much she can do, just gives Chloe a warning about loyalty.

Speaking of the missing Lois and Clark team, we see Clark, who wakes up and realizes where he is. Then he goes looking for Lois and finds her. She is shocked and decides they're on another planet and have been abducted. Clark tries to convince her otherwise but that doesn't work so well. Lois has seen the fact that there are two suns and she's made up her mind.

Now we go back to Chloe, who is in the Isis office. She's tried contacting Oliver but with no success. No worries Chloe ... he's in this episode. I'm sure you'll get to him eventually. Anyway, she's interrupted by Davis, who apologizes for being there and understands the boundaries she has set but it's important. His blackouts are getting worse and he wishes he could find his real parents but it's not possible.

Chloe looks through his records that he gave her and is stunned at how many homes he's been in. Davis also says he doesn't remember the first three years of his life and Chloe tells him he can't just have fallen from the sky. Umm ... Chloe? Remember your best friend 6'3", dark hair ... fell from the sky? I know he's been missing but it's only been a few minutes! LOL!

Going back to the Phantom Zone, Clark tells Lois that they need to stay together when she's freaking out. She finds a corpse and believes they're going to die there. So Clark has to calm her down. However, Lois gets knocked out and Clark is attacked. He quickly realizes that it's none other than Kara!

They embrace and he learns that Zor-El set up a portal for her to escape but she didn't so that no Zoners may escape with her. She gives Clark a knife and says that he will die if he loses it. Kara adds that she hopes Lois is able to fight but Clark is insistent that Lois is not one of them and that they have to get out of there. He promises to guard the portal so that they can escape and no Zoners will.

Lois ends up waking up and is surprised to see Kara. She comes to the conclusion that Kara had also been abducted. I hope she never changes. I love her! :D

Apparently, poor Ollie really doesn't have a home, except for the Queen Jet. I miss the penthouse. Ollie seems to be shuffling papers when Chloe comes storming in, saying that Ollie has three cell phones and she couldn't get through to him. I think Chlollie fans must've enjoyed this episode because they had quite a few scenes together!

Ollie wonders what the problem is and Chloe tells him that Clark and Lois disappeared. Though Oliver thinks that they're just off investigating (or "chasing firetrucks", as he says), Chloe informs him that it seems as if they've disappeared off the planet. She then shows him the crystal and says that it's Clark's and has to do with his heritage. Ollie's reaction? That he stays away from that stuff. He cracks me up. Chloe tells him of her intentions to hack into it and avoids his questions about it. All she needs from him is something that Tess has and when he finds out it's her that has it, he's willing to get it for her.

Meanwhile, Lois, Kara and Clark reach the portal. Lois wants him to go with her but he insists that Lois and Kara will be fine. The two of them go in and Kara begins to activate the portal. Lois wants to wait for Clark but Kara says he'll be fine. They hear noises outside and someone has obviously attacked Clark, which worries Lois further. But Kara is insistent that she goes and pushes her into the portal. Unfortunately, some shadow slips into it too.

Lois lands in a railroad tracks and we hear noises near her. A shadow overtakes her and she's possessed. Possessed!Lois takes a look at her reflection and the zoner is pleased.

Possessed!Lois's first stop is the Daily Planet, where she is going through information very quickly. Tess arrives and she doesn't really give a damn. Instead, she starts going off about how she has a son and she's looking for him. She also talks about Kryptonian ships and Tess, seeing that she may be useful, tries to get her to partner with her. But possessed!Lois isn't buying the act and speeds off.

An injured Clark finds Kara and she tells him to go, saying to leave her there. But that's not our Clark and he won't do that.

On Earth, possessed!Lois has found Chloe, who at first is happy to see her cousin but quickly realizes that it's not Lois after all. Possessed!Lois identifies herself as Faora (is that how you spell it?), Zod's wife. She's looking for her son. Chloe wonders where Clark is but Faora claims that he is long gone.

Chloe tries to escape but Faora has superpowers and catches up with her, almost strangling her to death. When Chloe drops the papers she is holding, she sees a picture of Davis and drops Chloe, thanking her and leaving. Interesting.

On a completely superficial note, I LOVE Lois's outfit and especially her hair. It's fantastic. I want her to keep it like that. Looks gorgeous.

Back to the episode. Green Arrow is breaking in to the Luthor mansion, though it looks like he might as well have strolled in. He finds what he's looking for but is stopped by Tess. He shoots her with an arrow and gets out of there with that machine. Snarky!Ollie is so much fun. :D

Faora goes to the hospital and sees Davis healing some little boy. She gets by the restricted area by saying that it's her son. Obviously the man assumes it's the little boy. When Davis is finished, he sees her and is surprised. She calls him her son and hugs him. Poor Davis ... he's so confused.

At Isis, Chloe and Ollie are on the case. I love how unimpressed Oliver is with all of this, even making fun of the "Phantom Zone" name. He never fails to amuse. :D He's not as funny when he sees Chloe activating the crystal and it taking over her. Chloe snarks at him, saying that she doesn't tell him how to shoot his arrows when he expresses concern at what she's doing.

Clark is trying to get Kara not to give up and wants him to go with her, as he is getting sucked into the portal.

Ollie worries when Chloe opens her eyes and they're white. He tries to stop her but she throws him away. Oh dear.

Kara finally gives Clark her hand and they both go through the portal, landing in the Isis office. Chloe is snapped out of her haze and is relieved to see Clark and acknowledges Kara. They all reunite. Poor Ollie is left unconscious and forgotten about. It's okay Ollie, you can talk to Lois. She's been there. :\

Chloe informs them what happened to Lois and Clark tells Kara to go find J'onn and get a crystal from him.

Lois, now Faora, who is talking to Davis. He thinks he's drunk or is on some kind of drugs. But he checks her eyes and he's not finding anything. She gives him info and knows about his blackouts. Apparently, Davis was created because she and Zod couldn't have a child. He was sent to destroy Earth. Davis is really confused. Faora decides that he's not strong yet and takes a bed rail (is that what that is?) and stabs him. Lovely. She says that she'll return when he's ready. I really hate blood.

As she exits, Clark catches up with her. He tries to get through to Lois and Faora tells him that she's gone. Clark refuses to give up. Faora deduces that he has feelings for Lois and he doesn't exactly deny it. She throws him out of the building and comes after him. Luckily for Clark, Kara has gotten the crystal and gets the Zoner out of Lois. Lois collapses and Kara checks on them. Clark says he hopes she's okay.

We shift back to Davis, who is lying in a pool of blood and suddenly, his eyes snap open. Something tells me this isn't good.

Clark and Lois talk at the Planet the next day and Tess has given Lois a raise. Clark tries to raise doubts but Lois isn't worried, even when Clark asked her if she went to see Tess the day before. She thinks everything that happened was all a dream. After all, it had to be because that's the only way Clark would featured as the knight in shining armor. Clark seems amused that he was. He decides that he can watch over her at the farm but Lois says because Tess gave her a raise, she is getting her own place. Oh well, at least I had that brief second.

They're interrupted when someone comes down and says Tess wants to go see Clark. He goes to her office and she tells him about how Lois is more than what she thought. And she has matched up Clark's boot print to the one in the Arctic and has concluded she saw Lex last. She just wants Clark to realize that they're on the same side and wants to trust him. She also wonders why Lex didn't. Clark acts oblivious.

When he goes home, Ollie is waiting for him! About time they had a scene together. Aww, Ollie wanted to make sure Clark was okay. Hey, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Clark makes a joke about everyone having a key. Lies Clark! You know you gave it to him! ;) But it's great that he pointed out what we've been saying for a while.

Clark thanks him for helping out. Ollie brings up that he is worried about Chloe and thinks that Clark should help her. Clark says that he has tried and is letting Chloe live her life. But Ollie argues that this is not her life and she's just a human. The scene is left there.

Kara and Clark have a loft scene. She is totally a Clois shipper and praises Lois's strength. ;D She also tells him that she's leaving because she thinks that part of Kandor survived so she's going to look for it. Maybe save their bloodline. Ooh! Use of the episode title! And I laughed at how they were wearing matching outfits. Kara flies off.

The final scene is with Davis. He goes into a private room and takes off his shirt. I guess he's making up for Oliver. He takes a knife and attempts to stab himself but the knife shatters. I don't really like the look on his face. Danger! End of episode.

It was good though. Lois was great and I really liked Clark. I wished Kara had been there more because they seemed to get rid of her quickly. I'm glad that they have her story an ending that made sense and actually explained her absence well! Ollie was adorable, Chloe's story is developing nicely and I like Davis.

Nice work s8! Next week's looks good too. Until then guys!
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