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Seems to be a day for spoilers! :D

Watch with Kristin has some news and thanks to shelly505, I found out about it.

Ginny in Rhode Island: Any word on Smallville? Specifically Doomsday?
Doomsday himself, Samuel Witwer, will be in here for a chat very soon, so email any Q's you have to In other news, I'm hearing Clark is going to reveal his secret identity to the world! Also to be revealed? Lex's whereabouts, current condition and what he's been up to all these months!

I'm so curious to what they're going to say about Lex and where he is!

But it's the CLARK news that excites me! Are we getting Superman? I mean, Tom has that "no tights" policy but maybe he changed his mind? I can't wait to find out! :D
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