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Rec Time guys! :D

I'm leaving in a few hours to go home but I figured in the meantime, I could make a list of fics I've read recently for you all to enjoy! :D

1. Convincing Lois (Lois, Oliver, mentions of Clark/Lois, G) by Sara Wolfe- I first read this one at the DI and I was thrilled to see it was on This is about Ollie talking to Lois, set after "Committed". It's rather cute and I love how she writes them both. :D

2. Black Tie Affair (Clark/Lois/Oliver, NC-17) by monimala- helena_vamp introduced me to this gem and WOW! It's hot. Clark/Lois/Oliver threesome fics are very few and far between and it's a shame, considering how gorgeous a threesome it is. This one was fabulous. Her Ollie, Lois and Clark voices are perfect and I adored it. Three of my favorite ships together. How much more can a girl ask for? :D

3. As you and I collide (Clark/Lois, PG, WIP) by autumnrae89- Her Clois always blows me away and this one is no exception. I love her dialogue and her Chloe and Jimmy are rather adorable too. If you like Clois, you should definitely check this one out! :D

4. Sundae Afternoon (Clark/Bruce, PG-13, Smallville/Batman Begins) by bradygirl_12- Being the sweetheart that she is, she took requests to write fic for people on her 2nd LJ anniversary. This is the one she wrote for me! I so love it ... it's Clark and Bruce in an ice cream parlor. It's fluffy with the right amount of innuendo. Just an all around winner! :D

5. The Way It Should Be (Chloe/Dean, PG-13, SV/SPN) by divas_lament- She has a very unique take on why Chloe's character is acting the way she is and this is set during the Chimmy wedding. It's pretty hilarious and Lana is the bad guy. A fun read, if you want to laugh. :D

6. Can You Ask Me Again In About Five Years? (Clark, Jonathan, PG) by burningqueen- My heart broke a little with this fic. It has memories Clark has with his dad and his present situation. It's not very long so it won't take up much of your time but it's very good. I highly recommend it. We don't get Jonathan mentions anymore on the show so it's nice to see this. :D

7. Montage (Chloe-centric, Chloe/Jimmy, PG) by shopfront- I just discovered this fic and it was so awesome! It's about Chloe after Jimmy leaves in s6. I love her Chloe voice and there's even some Chlo-Lo. I really liked it and I think you will too.

8. Dissimulation (Clark, Lois, Oliver, K) by Logans4ever- I wanted fic where it described what Ollie was thinking throughout "Committed" and that is exactly what this fic is about. It was very amusing and Oliver's voice is spot on. I saw it on the DI first but I found on and I had to share!

9. My Lady, I Saw The Tears of Regret in The Souls of Those Who Stood on the Banks of the River Jordan, Waiting for Absalom to Win Them in a Spirited Game of Pokemon (Bruce/Clark, Tim, Kon, Bart, C) by seriousfic- I know, super long title but it was a hilarious fic! It's with Tim, Kon and Bart all talking about Superman and Batman. That alone is funny but when they decide to try and bother Bruce and Clark to help identify Diana's sexuality, they find out more than they'd like to. It's fantastic and I couldn't stop laughing.

10. Secrets She'll Never Tell (Clark/Lois, NC-17) by mskatej- OMG! If you like Clois, you NEED to read this. It's fabulous. She does so well at getting into Lois' head and goes back into describing her past too, including her relationship with Lucy, which I don't see in fics much. The Clark/Lois is very nice and she has their characterizations down. Everything is perfect and I think it should be read by one and all. :D

I hope you like these and if you do, remember to leave feedback for the authors! :D Take care all!
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