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A letter from Peterson and Souders

I found this through gmurray122 but the original source is Kryptonsite. The emphasis is my own.

A Message From Souders & Peterson Regarding "The Graysons"
Smallville's executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders have written in with a message to the fans at KryptonSite, clearing up some reports that had been made implying that Smallville may be on its way out...

Dear Smallville fans,

As news and rumors swirl around the development of The Graysons for the CW, we have every intention of letting you, our fans, be the first to know the reality. Never have we been so committed to the continuing success of Smallville as we are to seasons 8 and 9. While we are extremely excited to be working hand-in-hand with Wonderland, Warner Bros. and the CW to create the origin story of Dick Grayson, it has never been intended as a replacement for Smallville, as is speculated in some media. The cast, crew, writers and producers are all working full-steam ahead on a story-line for Clark that allows for seasons of further trials and adventures for our favorite hero. As always, we all have you to thank for achieving eight years of this amazing show that Al and Miles created, and we're looking far beyond!

Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders

Feel free to share your thoughts.

Edit: Just so you know, this is an old article. It came out in October and the Graysons has since been canned. :)
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