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8.09 'Abyss' Review

Yes, this is very late but I was waiting for the CW to put it up on their site and they did! So I got to see it and here's what I thought!

The "Previously on Smallville" stuff would confuse anyone who doesn't watch this show regularly, I swear. They just mix everything up. :\

Anyway, back to the episode. We start out with Jimmy waking Chloe up with breakfast in bed. They're being all cute and talk about the wedding and whatnot. Jimmy mentions that Lana is still MIA and Chloe goes "who's Lana?" Jimmy is confused and tries to give her a brief description "drama with Clark, left town in a hurry" and Chloe says that she didn't hear him when he said Lana. To me, it looks like she is BS'ing.

Apparently it's not the first time she's had a memory loss. Suddenly, we see Chloe's memory, starting with the engagement party. Jimmy steals her away for a dance and I have to admit, they're adorable. I really want to pretend s7 never happened cuz they're so cute! Then, everything starts to flash and Chloe realizes that this is not how it happened. All the guests disappear and there's a blank spot over Jimmy's face. Chloe's freaking out and rightfully so, as Kryptonian symbols surround her.

Then, she snaps open her eyes and she jumps out of the bed at seeing Jimmy, telling him to get out of her apartment. Jimmy is stunned and is all, "It's me, Jimmy, your fiance." But Chloe is just, "I think I'd remember my fiance and I've never seen you before in my life!" Dun dun dun!

Clark is fixing the sink, when Jimmy rushes in, freaking out. He tells him about Chloe forgetting stuff and how's she forgotten him. I really liked Jimmy in this scene. When he tells Clark about Chloe's infection and he already knows, he's all "I figured she told you" and just moves on. This Jimmy is not jealous of the Chloe/Clark friendship and this is the Jimmy I like. He's concentrating on the major problem and has no issues with asking Clark to talk to her. I hope they keep this Jimmy around. :D

Meanwhile, Chloe goes to the hospital and she tells the receptionist she is a med student and looking for information on her topic, which is memory loss. The woman believes her and lets her go. She then runs into Davis, who she does remember. They talk and she apologizes when she realizes that she forgot to look up his past for him. But Davis has decided to let the past stay there and wants Chloe to drop the case.

She agrees and he says he has to talk to her about something else but she has to go. Davis is concerned and asks if everything is okay with her and Jimmy. Chloe looks confused and then is all "oh yeah, Jimmy" and assures him everything is good. Davis offers to be her shoulder, saying that if she ever needs to talk, he's there for her. Chloe says that her brain is just a little fried and she's okay and leaves. Davis doesn't look convinced.

The next scene has Chloe scanning through a huge book about memory loss. Hearing Clark's voice, she hides it and closes something. Clark comes in and asks her about forgetting Jimmy. She says that Jimmy's paranoid and she knows who he is, listing off several facts about him. Clark says that she forgot to add "fiance". He wonders why she closed a bookshelf when he entered and she says it's research, and talks about therapist/client privilege. Clark isn't convinced and feels like she is reading off a list when she even talks about Jimmy. Much to her protest, he goes and opens the door.

There's tons of stuff about everyone there. Clark gets her to confess that when she forgets stuff, she goes there and reminds her. She's forgetting everyone and she tells him that she still remembers him. They both know what's happening ... that she's being taken over by Brainiac.

At the Talon, Davis walks up the stairs to the apartment and is about to slide an envelope under the door when Jimmy opens it. Davis enters and Jimmy asks if that is his RSVP. He mentions that he's about to leave and Chloe's not there. But Davis already knows, saying he ran into her lately and was a bit weird when he mentioned Jimmy's name. He wants to know if everything is all right. Jimmy assures him that it is, saying that they've only hit a slight detour. Yeah, that's one way to put it.

Davis notes that Jimmy really loves her and Jimmy agrees, quoting Frank Sinatra. He asks if Davis knows what he means and Davis says 'yes'. Davis says that he can't make it to the wedding but before Jimmy can take the envelope from him, he puts it away in his pocket, asking Jimmy to tell Chloe for him, which he agrees to do. He also says to Jimmy what an amazing girl Chloe is and asks her to take care of her. Davis leaves and Jimmy says "that's what I'm trying to do."

Back at the farm, Chloe and Clark make their way to his loft, discussing what Brainiac's motivations could be. They talk about happens to her before she loses a memory. She keeps seeing a symbol and writes it down. Clark sees and tells her it stands for "doom". Clark decides to rebuild the Fortress, saying that Jor-El can help Chloe. However, Chloe doesn't like this idea, not trusting Jor-El, thinking he could just strip him of his powers or that the crystal might send him to the Phantom Zone again. Clark is stubborn and refuses to let Chloe be another person who's has learned his powers and gotten destroyed by it.

Chloe says that her life has changed for the better when she saw Clark catch that car and she wouldn't trade it for the world. Just then, she flashes back to that memory and everything starts to disappear, like in the engagement one. Clark snaps her out of it and she thinks that he caught her before it was too late. But when he says something about his abilities, she has no idea what he is talking about. She only remembers Clark standing in the middle of the road back then. They know she's losing stuff about him too.

He asks her more questions, like if she remembers the name Kal-El. She wonders if she should. Then, he questions her about Krypton and Brainiac. "Brainiac ... people used to call me that when I was a kid!" LOL Oh Chloe. &hearts It'd be funny if I didn't feel so bad for her. My heart breaks for Clark, who looks so lost. Chloe knows that she has forgotten something important. Clark just says that he knows someone who can help her but she has to stay there and be calm. Chloe doesn't want him to go, worried she'll forget all about him.

Clark gives her a yearbook and turns to a page with a picture of them. They were voted Best Buds. He promises he won't let anything happen to her. When she's looking down, he speeds off. Chloe feels a rush of air and is confused when she finds she is alone.

At the Arctic, the Fortress is coming back! And Clark just stares at it, determined.

Chloe's looking through the yearbook, and when she hears footsteps, she calls out to Clark. But it's not Clark ... it's Jimmy who has brought pictures. She pretends she remembers him but when he hugs her, he realizes that she's "not feeling the love". Chloe says that she's not feeling much of anything lately and that everyone is like a bunch of "Facebook profiles". Clark is the only friend she's remembering. Jimmy comments that he thought she would forget something about Clark before she forgot the man she'll marry. But fortunately, he moves on quickly. He's found the best neurologist in Metropolis who can help her. Chloe tells him about what Clark said, to wait for her, but Jimmy insists that she should trust him, showing her the photos. She trusted him enough to marry him and now she just has to trust him again.

Clark is going through the Fortress when a voice says "Welcome home, my son". I actually liked the conversation between Clark and Jor-El. I've always been on Clark's side for not trust Jor-el. I was happy when he called him out on saying "my son" but treating him like an enemy. I appreciate that Jor-El has seen how much Clark has matured, like we all have. Jor-El tells him that he can reprogram the Kryptonian code into memories again but Brainiac is highly unpredictable and wants to know if Clark is willing to take that risk.

Chloe has decided to trust Jimmy and is with the neurologist. She asks for advice for an MRI newbie and the doctor tells Chloe to relax and think of a happy place. On his computer, the doctor sees that code and Chloe closes her eyes, flashing to memories of her and Clark. Finally, she lands on the one where they were kids.

And aww, how CUTE is little!Chloe and little!Clark? :D Chloe asks about the telescope and spying on neighbors but Clark says that he likes to look at the stars, quickly pointing it upwards. Chloe says how she likes books and how when her mom left, she buried herself in them, too afraid to make other friends cuz she thought they'd leave. There's this one book that she thinks got lost in the move but when her back is turned, there is a swish of air. When she turns back around, Clark says that the library has a good collection and points to the book she's talking about. Chloe kisses him and when he asks what that was about, she tells him she knew he's been thinking about it all day and she figured they could just get it out of the way and be friends.

Things start to disappear again and Chloe realizes it's happening again. She tugs on Clark's hand, trying to get him into another memory so he won't be lost. Chloe finds herself in the Dark Thursday memory, right before the Chlark kiss, and when Clark shows up, she sees things shaking again, and realizes that "no memory is safe". Chloe hugs him and says that she can't lose him. Clark tells her he'll never leave her but he's pulled away from her and that doom symbol shows up again.

She's alone in a dark room and sees a figure coming toward her. It's Davis in a dark suit and she says his name in surprise. He gives her his hand and she takes it, a light surrounding them. Chloe opens her eyes and the doctor pulls her out, asking her if she's okay. She doesn't know where she is. The nurse wants to know what happened and he tells her that Chloe's brainwaves spiked and haywired the machine. Chloe doesn't remember anything, except for Davis, who she says she has to see.

Davis is loading stuff into his ambulance. Chloe finds him and runs to him, giving him a hug. He's confused and wonders what's going on. She tells him about her memory loss and how the only thing she can remember is him. He tries to calm her down and asks if she has been injured. Chloe says she's fine, her memory is just MIA. He wants to call her friends but she says she doesn't know them and only trusts Davis. They hug again and he says that he will be there for her and she looks grateful. Aww, I love the chemistry they have!

Jimmy is freaking out on the phone, threatening to sue, when Clark comes in. They talk about how Chloe's left the hospital. Clark is upset Jimmy took Chloe out of the barn but Jimmy wasn't happy about how Clark left here there. They come to a decision to look for her and before leaving Clark tells Jimmy to call the Metropolis PD and ask for John Jones. Jimmy tells Clark "Thanks" and Clark nods, leaving.

Chloe and Davis enter the Talon and Clark comes down the stairs, seeing them. He realizes she doesn't know who he is and tells her she lives in the apartment above. Chloe is upset, saying that Davis promised he could come stay with her. Davis tells her that Clark's one of her best friends and she's safe with him. Chloe is insistent that she only knows Davis. Jimmy comes running down the stairs and Chloe freaks, saying she doesn't know him and tries to escape but Davis takes a syringe and sticks in her neck.

She passes out and Jimmy takes her. Davis admits he was afraid that she'd flee again so he brought a sedative. Clark wonders why Chloe only remembers Davis but he doesn't have an answer. He just says he's lucky that she did because when she found him, she was scared out of her mind. Davis thought that if she saw them, it would jumpstart her memory. Jimmy is thankful to him for bringing her home. Davis says that if they need him to just call and takes off.

Jimmy claims that they have to get her to Smallville Med. Clark agrees and tells Jimmy that he'll take her to the car and Jimmy should grab some of her stuff. They'll meet out back. Jimmy leaves and Clark picks her up, and takes her to the Fortress instead.

Jor-El says how "Time is of the essence" and talks about he said it was dangerous for people to know Clark's secret. Clark says that Chloe deserves a life without knowing his secret and requests that when Jor-El fixes her memory, he leave out anything about Krypton and his abilities. Jor-El agrees. Clark apologizes to Chloe, saying that she's the best friend he ever had. But he has to let her go to protect her. The crystals light up and blackness spreads through Chloe's eyes, and a black liquid falls out of her ears. I think that's Brainiac. It dissolves into the crystal slab.

The next scene has Chloe and Jimmy, with Chloe complimenting Jimmy about fixing the seating chart. Jimmy tells her he's amazing and is shocked at her quick recovery. Chloe's confused too and Jimmy wonders if what Davis stuck in her neck had anything to do with it. Clark shows up and says it was definitely a miracle.

Okay, now I'm certain that stupid red jacket has its own contract. I was so excited not to see it the entire episode! But alas, it was not meant to be.

Chloe is thrilled to see him and goes to give him a hug, calling him the best looking best man ever. So Clark's Jimmy's best man? Things have changed! Clark's just happy that Chloe's safe. She says she has to go to drop off some checks at Metropolis. Clark offers but Chloe just laughs it off, saying that Clark drives like an old lady. Jimmy wants to go with her but she says that Clark has some setting up to do and he can't lift all those tables by herself. This is very weird.

Chloe goes to her bike and didn't she used to have a Yaris? Odd. Davis shows up and they talk. He admits that he has feelings for her and Chloe says that there was an attraction on her side in the beginning but she loves Jimmy. Davis doesn't believe it, saying that she forgot everyone but remembered him and there's a connection. He kisses her! But she pulls away. Davis tells her that he'll wait for her and she knows where to find him. Intense.

The final scene has Clark at the Fortress, thanking Jor-El for his help. He's just realizing how much he lost though and Jor-El says he is proud of him for making the difficult decision. Clark asks about the "doom" symbol and Jor-El informs him about the creature that will be the ultimate destroyer. Clark is determined to take him on Jor-El say that he will be there for him. Clark says, "Thank you ... father". He's acknowledged him as his father! I like his Jor-El.

No sooner as Clark has left does something happen to Jor-El. Jor-El calls for his son but James Marsters' voice says his son is destined to fail and Doomsday is coming. Brainiac takes over the Fortress, darkening everything! Wow!

This episode was okay for me. I missed Lois because I do think that she would've been concerned about her cousin losing her memory. However, I don't there would've been place for her. Episodes are indeed way more serious without her and I like the lightness when she's around. I liked the Jor-El & Clark interaction though and the Chloe/Clark friendship was sweet but not too overwhelming.

As for Clark taking Chloe's memory, I can see where he's coming from. I can't help but think of AU!Chloe in Apocalypse, who was so relaxed and happy. Post Chloe knowing Clark's secret, I do feel she lost part of her identity and really became his secret keeper. I am curious to see how this will play out. Though I don't think that Chloe herself would've chosen this, Clark did believe that what he was doing was best and it was quite a selfless move.

However, I don't know if I think that stripping people of their memories is right. I don't really like that idea. It makes me very uncomfortable but SV needs dramatic situations. Maybe I'm not freaking out because I have this strong feeling that Chloe will get her memory back. I don't think this is permanent. She will be pissed though so I recommend Clark watch out.

Allison did a really great job though and so did Tom, as always.

Feel free to share your thoughts. I'll be catching up with all your reviews soon so don't be surprised to get a comment from me! ;D

I am excited for this week's episode though! Only 3 more days until 'Bride'! :D
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