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8.10 "Bride" Review!

I've been awaiting and dreading this episode at the same time. The last one before it goes on hiatus. And now it's here!

At least they skipped the whole 'previously on Smallville' segment.

I was even shocked that the director's clip was actually a teaser and they didn't give the whole episode away. Nice job to the people who called it!

Anyway, we start off with Clark and Lois talking into a video camera. Clark's all happy for Chloe and Jimmy. Lois is all "remember what the General said ... marriage is the only time you can sleep with the enemy". Then she tries to ask if you can take it back. Lois, I &hearts you so much! And she's SO beautiful! I mean, the dress is orange and she's working it! Clark in a suit makes me very happy. They're a gorgeous couple!!!

We see clips of the wedding, the first married kiss, etc and then there is a sudden shaking. I still can't stand that the wedding is on the Kent farm! Then someone attacks and we pan to Chloe clutching a bloody Jimmy. Something approaches her and we hear her scream. Cue to the credits.

After that, we go back to probably hours before and see Lois, the wedding planner. She's adorable in her role, btw! All bossing people around and everything. Then we see her scene with Jimmy, who is very encouraging of the Clois. Jimmy's such a good, loyal shipper. Lois's expression when Jimmy suggests Clark could have feelings for her ... I melted. She's all "really?" I just wanted to give her a hug.

Jimmy has a scene with Chloe, where he's all freaked out about seeing the bride before the wedding. She gets a call and it says that it's Davis so she doesn't pick up. She lies and tells Jimmy it's Lois, giving them instructions. He falls for it.

Ollie! I love Ollie! At least for most of this episode. He shows up to the Kent Farm and Clark jokes about Lois possibly putting him to work. However, Ollie's not in a funny type of mood. Instead, he informs Clark that he's found Lex. I already know who he's going to find so I'm just concentrating on how cute they look together. Oh boys! There is a reason you two are my OTP. Ollie needs Clark to steal this generator but Clark can't leave the wedding. He admits to Ollie that he took Chloe's memories and even though I've seen this clip before, Ollie's "meh" reaction surprises me. The Collie shipper me is delighted that his first priority is protecting Clark. He's all "Chloe may not know your secret but Lex still does". &hearts

And we get the Queen Jet yet again! Dude, they just keep him traveling so they can use that set for him 24/7. Damn it, give me the penthouse already! Clark shows up and he has the generator. However, he sees the newspaper with a picture of young Ollie and his parents and doubts Oliver's motives. He thinks that Ollie is getting revenge on Lex for what his dad did and he tries to talk him out of it, telling him a story of his own dad. He ends up keeping the generator and says that Ollie can wait for him until the wedding's over.

However, Ollie's friend shows up and says he got all the info via Wi-Fi when they were having their "lover's spat". LMAO! Even other people see it! It's great! :D

Chloe makes such a pretty bride. I'm kinda in love with the curly hair! I love my curly hair Chloe. Lois comes in and OMG! Chlo-Lo moment! Chlo-Lo moment! They love each other so much, and it makes me ridiculously happy! :D Chloe gets a phone call and it's Davis again. Lois is curious so she confides in her about Davis kissing her. They talk a bit about soul mates and Lois says she doesn't need love but quickly changes the subject, saying it's Chloe's day. Damn, I missed their bonding. I didn't realize how much. :D

They continue preparing for the wedding and Chloe's making a mental checklist of what she needs. She is missing the something borrowed so she looks through Clark's stuff and lo and behold, she comes across the lovely meteor rock. Clark walks up the stairs at the moment and he has to back off when he sees it. When she tells him what she's doing, he gets her to close the box and gives her the flower that she got him for Homecoming. Everyone is happy again.

Clark and Lois leave when Lois reminds him they have to get ready for the wedding themselves.

Moving on, we see Oliver or rather the Green Arrow, who has broken into some facility. He sees a bald figure standing there and shoots him with an arrow. It turns out to be just a plastic figure. Ollie, Ollie, Ollie ... haven't we gotten past the murder thing? There's a note that says "sorry i missed you". He's attacked by a figure and his hood and glasses come off. And guess who it is? Lana. Joy. Note my enthusiasm.

Lana wonders if Clark knows about Ollie being the GA and Ollie's all "he knows more about me than he does about YOU". Cuz they have a secrets free relationship, you see. Lana's looking for Lex too and Ollie offers to help her. Lana knows that he has other motives to find Lex. Ollie compares her to Clark and I'm NOT AMUSED. Ollie, Lana is NOT Clark, she'll never be Clark. Clark wouldn't dump people through DVDS. *grumbles* Lana thinks more people should be like Clark.

Ollie, who has apparently hit his head and is acting like a moron, thinks its a great idea for Lana to come to the wedding. Lana doesn't think so and I agree with her for once. Oliver asks her what Clark would do in this situation and leaves.

That was a boring scene. I'm sorry, there's no connection between Oliver and Lana. And I'm not just saying that cuz I hate her ... there genuinely is nothing. I hope they don't have too many scenes together in the future.

Ooh, look, it's Davis! And he's all bloody. Gross. He zips up his jacket and moves bags of bloody stuff into a trash can. A cop shows up and he checks if everything is okay. Davis lies and says it is but the cop sees the blood and checks the trash can and he's horrified. Davis feels himself start to shake and tries to get that guy out of there but it's too late. He changes and kills the cop. I think casting did a good job with Sam. I mean, he looks sweet but there's something about his eyes ... it always creeps me out.

Back to the farm, where Lois comes down the stairs, calling for Clark. He shows up in a suit and they just stare at each other for a bit. Clark SO wants her! Yes, I understand that I was squeeing about Clark and Ollie just a few paragraphs prior but I've loved Clois longer and they make me happy. SV is just giving me moments for both my top ships! So, Lois helps put Clark's cuff links on and then gives him the ring and a copy of Jimmy's speech.

She starts to walk away when Clark's all "I don't know how to put my feelings in words ... from the day we met, I knew that I wanted to marry you" or something to that gist. Lois gets all happy and spins around but of course, he's just reading the speech. She plays it off but I think Clark can see it's an intense moment.

The camera guy shows up and we get that scene we saw in the beginning. Then the wedding happens and everything. Chloe and Jimmy dance, then it's the escort's dance, which is Clark. Jimmy and Lois dance too. New in laws and all that.

Chloe and Clark dance and Chloe talks about a weight being lifted from her and she's happy. I think they're talking about his secret and justifying Clark's reasons. Jimmy comes back and Chloe goes off with him. Clark and Lois are standing near each other awkwardly. A slow song starts and Lois moves to go past him but he GRABS HER ARM AND SPINS HER INTO HIS EMBRACE!! EEEK! Now they're slow dancing and I totally went crazy. My poor roommate ... she had to deal with that.

Some idiot bumps into her and the moment is broken. But it comes back and they almost kiss.

Then a figure comes in and Chloe calls out to Lana, ruining the Clois kiss. I KNEW it would happen but I'm still bitter. Chloe's all happy to see Lana and Clark is stunned. Lois takes a few steps back. This is breaking my heart. Clark and Lana stare at each other.

Lois leaves, grabbing a wine bottle on her way out. She sits on the porch when Ollie shows up, looking hot in another suit. I really like this scene ... damn, Lollie is just so natural together! She feels weird about telling him her feelings for another guy but he says that they can say they've moved on and he's just a really good friend. Okay Ollie, you're in my good books again. Lois tells him that she just wants to be needed. Ollie is all "he needs you". And Lois is all "how do you know?" And Ollie answers, "Because I know Clark". He's a perceptive one, that Oliver. Unfortunately, he got Lana to come back so he's partially the cause of her heartbreak but oh well. :\

Speaking of Lana, she is in the loft and gets a text message that says "did you fool the archer?" Well, well, well, have another side to you, don't you Lana? Are you looking for Lex or working with him? She doesn't get to reply because Clark shows up. He would've liked some warning but he quickly finds out she only decided to come just a few hours ago. They talk, even about Chloe's memories being gone and Lana says that she wouldn't have liked that at all.

She gets a few points for saying that "maybe Clark Kent and Lana Lang weren't meant to be together". Thank you! You weren't. At least Clark's acting mature about this.

There's tremors and Doomsday comes in crashing in. They go downstairs and Doomsday comes crashing in. Clark tries to punch him but he's too strong and Clark gets thrown back upstairs, apparently knocking over the lead box and the kryptonite rock drops next to him.

Jimmy tries to protect Chloe but he gets knocked away. Chloe is freaking out over his bloody body and the creature approaches her. She screams.

Lana's leg is injured but she makes her way to Clark and gets the rock back in the box. Clark gets up and Ollie comes rushing up the stairs to tell them that Chloe has been kidnapped.

We move to the SV Medical, where everyone is being treated. Clark finds Lanaa and they talk. Lois sees them together and she quickly walks away. They're oblivious. Clark says Ollie's tracking down Chloe and he leaves the room when Lana says she'll be fine and there's nothing he can do for her.

He gets out of the room and he sees Lois. Lois says that Jimmy's condition is not good and they're airlifting him to Star City. She says that she's going to be there with him, until they find Chloe. So that's the excuse they're using for her absence. Interesting. She's all freaked out about not finding Chloe and Clark hugs her. Lois looks devastated and I hate this. I really do. I'm going to go with her emotional state being shaky at Chloe's kidnapping.

Because Lois being all emotional and crazy over the Clana reunion? Doesn't work for me. She's not someone I want tangled in that disaster. Lois walks away and she turns to look back at him, and leaves.

They flash to different scenes, with Jimmy being taken away and Lois following them, Lana's hospital room, etc.

Doomsday carries Chloe to the dark Fortress and settles her on a slab. Her eyes suddenly open. They're brown and she smiles evilly. This can't be good.

We see a bald, pale man connected to a bunch of wires, watching a screen where the wedding stuff is happening. I'm guessing that is supposed to be Lex?

Overall, I liked the episode ... I guess I expected something different. Where were the surprise guests we were promised? And what happened to that scene about Clark being jealous of Lois with some guy?

Anyway, everyone did a fabulous job. Except they need to do something about KK's hair. I'm really curious to Chloe's storyline more than anything, since Lois is MIA and I could care less about the Clana, unless we're talking about it ending. Next new episode is on January 15th.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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