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I was bored so I decided to compose a rec list! This one is super long, longer than all my previous ones. So it has to be under a cute. The more, the merrier, right? Enjoy! :)

1. Pick Yourself Up; Dust Yourself Off; Start All Over Again (Clark/Oliver, PG-13) by ladybugkay- This is set after 8.09 'Abyss'. I love the way she writes Clark and Ollie. They're just so perfect for each other! I don't want to give away too much so I just am going to say 'read it'! You won't regret it. :D

2. Chloe Sullivan – Sidekick To The Stars (Chloe/Davis, PG-13) by seriousfic- I really enjoyed this. Chloe and Davis are characterized wonderfully and the banter cracks me up. It's just win!

3. Four Baby!Clark drabbles (Clark, Pete, Martha, Jonathan, unrated) by iliana_1- I SO adore her baby!Clark fics. They're sweet and she writes him so well. It'll make you smile for sure. :)

4. Newsflash (Clark/Lois, K+) by sarcastic_fina- I really love when she writes Clois. In this one, Lois discovers Clark's secret and boy is he in trouble. It's not very long so it won't take much time but it is very sweet.

5. The Fall (Chloe/Oliver, Chloe/Jimmy, Oliver/Dinah, PG-13) This is set in Ollie's POV and just very heartbreaking. I feel so bad for him. I love her Ollie voice and it's just wonderfully written.

6. Used to This (Clark/Lois, PG) by sundroptea- This is set during 'Committed' with a drunk!Lois. What happened before Lois woke up at the Kent Farm. I love her drunk!Lois ... she's hysterical. It's in Clark's POV and she has both characters down. This made me laugh and if you're a Clois fan, I think you'll laugh too.

7. Unholy Trinity (Chloe, Davis, Brainiac, PG-13) by bradygirl_12- This gave me the chills. It was written in a unique format and just SO good!

8. New Traditions (Chloe, Dean, PG-13, SV/SPN) by divas_lament- Dean interrupts Chloe's Thanksgiving with her family for a mission and he tries to make it up to her later. It's so cute and a fun read.

9. All That You Can't Leave Behind (Lois-centric, Clark/Lois mentions, PG) by thedeadparrot- This is set in Lois's POV post-'Bride'. I think she nailed Lois's voice and it was just all around wonderful. Both Ollie and Jimmy make an appearance and of course, Clark is there. I think it's very realistic and I liked it a lot.

10. Conversations Interlude (Clark/Bruce, PG) by nw_fic- This is set in her 'Conversations' universe. I really love that and I love this particular fic. I love when there are fics where you see an outsider's POV on a couple. That's what this is and it's just wonderful. And there's a surprise end! If you haven't read the rest of the universe, you should. It's perfect.

11. You and Me, We're a Front Page Story by amidalashari- This was written for ME for the 12days_of_clois challenge and I love it so much. Clark and Lois go investigate something. Her Lois and Clark make me so happy and the ending is just fantastic.

12. And Now, My Rebuttal (Chloe/Davis, PG) by seriousfic- This is brilliant. I couldn't stop laughing ... it's set post "Bride" and it's Davis's message to everyone. It's snarky and so amusing. You'll love it, trust me. :D

13. Untitled (Clark, Jonathan, Martha, unrated) by iliana_1- She keeps writing baby!Clark and I'm so glad for it. I do miss the Kent family moments. Clark seemed so much happier then. This fic is just simply adorable.

14. Housewarming (Clark/Lois, PG-13) by ancarett- What I love about the 12days_of_clois challenge is that there was so much good Clark/Lois fic to enjoy! It makes me a happy girl. I like how this showed that even with something as a housewarming party, Clark and Lois are there for one another. :D

15. The Moment of Truth (Clark/Oliver, PG) by hils- I've seen many Clois fics where Ollie finds out that the engagement in 'Committed' was fake in but this was the first Clark/Ollie fic I've read. It was great. I like the dialogue and her Clark & Oliver. Yay for Collie! :D

16. The Night Lois and Clark Blew Off Work (Clark/Lois, NC-17) by burningqueen- Clark, Lois and red k. Really, what more do you need? This fic is just great and I like her redk!Clark. And I love the ending.

17. Valley (Moira Sullivan, Chloe, unrated) by simplytoopretty- I haven't read any fics with Moira's POV and this had that. I thought it was interesting and just so sad at the same time. I like her little!Chloe and it's a aery realistic. I could see this happening and being how it went on the show. Overall, just a great fic.

And there's the very long list! Remember, if you like something, leave feedback for the authors! Have a great weekend everyone!
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