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Some Ask Ausiello News!

Thanks to cloiser_trish, I found out some news on the 15th episode.

Question: I've been reading all sorts of nutty things about the Tori Spelling episode of Smallville. I can't believe that Clark comes out to the world as an alien! Is this going to stick, or are we looking at another case where time travel/mind wipes fix everything? -- Robbie

Ausiello: I can confirm that Clark does, in fact, come out as an E.T. during an interview with Lois. I can also confirm that said revelation causes mass chaos.

Lois interviews Clark? That's so exciting! It's too bad he didn't answer the question. I guess that would give away the episode though. I totally know they're going to retcon this and I'm really wondering how they'll do it!

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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