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SV Spoilers!

Thanks to cloiser_trish, I found out some news.

The new issue of SciFi magazine has lots of teasers and hints--but no specific spoilers--about things coming up in the second half of the season, including Clois and the two possible ways the season can end!

Chimmy lives on: Kelly Souders says that the couple will "try to manage life" after their wedding but that it won't be easy for them.

In "Power" (the only episode specific spoiler), we'll learn what Lana was up to before her return, including some secrets she's been keeping.

Re: the show's two villains: The only real comment about Doomsday was that "we all know that doesn't end well." As for Tess, it sounds like we should expect to see her league of super-powered villains let loose at some point this season.

Clark's transition to Superman: "Clark's strugge to become the Superman we all admire faces new challenges." KS noted that Oliver and the other members of the Justice League haven't had the same struggle with developing their superhero identities as Clark has because their first identities aren't lies. But for Clark, the transition is harder because Clark Kent, farmboy, is already a mask. She adds that Clark's humanity also gets in the way.

The end of the season: KS confirms what we've heard before. PS3 have planned two different potential arcs to end the season depending on whether this is the last season or not (I assume what we've heard before remains true, that the only episodes that would be different are the final 6--that is episodes 17-22). She also insists that there are plenty of stories left to tell, "People have been telling Superman stories for decades, so we have no doubt we can tell stories for another year." And here's the real tease: depending on whether the show ends this year or there is a season 9, the final episode "will either be a heroic send-off or a heartbreaking decision for Clark to move on to the next phase." (Let the speculating begin!)

Finally, Lois and Clark's relationship: KS hints at what's ahead, "After a near-kiss with Lois, emotions and lust are flying. Their chemistry is charging full speed ahead, but let's face it, their insecure walls are getting in the way."

I had a feeling Chloe & Jimmy would stay married. I am excited for the Clark/Lois interaction! I'm curious how they'll behave when she returns. :D

As for a 9th season, well, I read on burningqueen's journal that some article says they're having an issue with "actor unavailability". I see that meaning Tom's reluctant to sign and that doesn't surprise me a bit. So if this is the end, I wonder where they'll go. I always used to assume that this show would end with Clark leaving for his training ... and then season 8 happened. So I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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