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new fic!

I know it's been a while but here's a new story from me! Hope you like this one! Please read & review!

Story: Accidentally in Love
Pairing/Characters: Collie, Chloe/Jimmy, Lollie mentions of past Lexana & Clana
Rating: R
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash, mentions of m/m sex
Spoilers: season 7
Summary: Oliver returns to Metropolis on business. Clark’s depressed over Lana’s death. An unexpected encounter leads them to a friends with benefits situation, neither willing to get into a real relationship.

Chapter 1

“Kal-El!” Clark sighed as the unmistakable voice of his cousin echoed through the loft. He turned from the couch to see Kara Zor-El climb up the steps, beaming.

His cousin, his Kryptonian cousin to be exact. During the whole mess with Bizarro, as he aptly named his doppelganger, he discovered Jor-El had a brother named Zor-El, which made Kara his cousin. However, there had been a problem when she was sent to Earth and she had ended up in stasis. Otherwise, she would’ve been a lot older than him.

But since she hadn’t aged in 20 years, she was only 19 . . . a year younger than him. She admitted that she thought he was still a baby and searched all the hospitals for him. Their eventual reunion was because of J’onn, the Martian Manhunter who had been assisting Clark in finding Bizarro.

J’onn had been a friend of Jor-El and Kara recognized him instantly. When he was introduced, he was shocked out of his mind that he had family that was alive. All this time, he thought he was the last Kryptonian. Kara too had been surprised but they hadn’t had time to get acquainted. They had a Phantom to stop.

Clark had never been more afraid of a Phantom before. The time that he was trapped in his dreams was pretty frightening but this was so much more dangerous. The Phantom looked exactly like him, he had his powers and no weakness to kryptonite. He was determined to stop it though, even at the cost of his own life.

It was difficult to pay attention, especially since Lana’s death was so recently, still causing him so much pain. Nevertheless, he knew his duty and he had to mourn later. So he concentrated fully on finding the Phantom before it caused any more damage.

With the help of both J’onn and Kara, he found out that the Phantom had a weakness- blue kryptonite. Clark was distressed that there was yet another type of kryptonite but he was relieved that it didn’t have any effect on him.

Cornering the Phantom was easier than he thought but the battle that followed seemed to go on forever. Finally, though he managed to gain an advantage and that was when he used the blue kryptonite. It worked perfectly and the Phantom was destroyed.

Unfortunately, it seemed he was not meant to rest. Upon returning home, he was met with a frantic Lois. She had been stabbed but when she awoke, Chloe was lying there unconscious. Medics pronounced her dead and in one second, Clark’s world shattered.

His best friend . . . dead? The pain he felt when he learned about Lana’s death was nothing compared to this. He loved Lana, but Chloe . . . Chloe was everything. She was his best friend, his rock. He was wracked with guilt that while he had been trying to stop the Phantom, he had left his best friend unprotected. And he just knew that she had died for Lois.

They had talked after Lex’s kidnapping and she feared that she too might be a mutant, with powers. Lois waking up with no injury after being stabbed and Chloe lying there unconscious could not have been a coincidence.

But for once, fate had been on his side and had not taken his best friend away. He had heard her screaming from the morgue and managed to save her. They had a long conversation after he was certain she was okay and they figured she had some sort of healing power. Clark and Chloe agreed that Clark would call Oliver to assist them in figuring out what she could do. Because she truly wanted to know and he just needed to find out for her safety.

Lois was just relieved that her cousin was okay and didn’t ask any questions. It was unusual for her but Clark realized Chloe’s death had shattered her and the idea she might’ve been responsible for it must’ve been torture. He knew Lois didn’t have very many people in her life and Chloe was at the top of her list. So Clark was relieved Chloe was okay . . . for both their sakes.

He introduced Chloe to his cousin, Kara and she too was stunned that he had a biological relative. The two of them could not have looked less alike. According to Kara, he looked a lot like his father while she resembled her mother. She was very lovely though . . . 5’9”, long blonde hair and bright blues eyes. Clark made a silent promise to watch over her.

When she noticed she had powers, due to the yellow sun, she was extremely excited. She was a lot bolder with her abilities than he had ever been and she took to flying easily. Kara even helped him get over his own fear of flying and sometimes, they went flying together. He had to admit, to be above the ground was an incredible feeling. Never had he felt so free.

But even as he taught her about her powers, he was extremely careful. Lex was out of jail . . . not that the bastard was even there very long. Clark had been furious when he found out that he was released because of “lack of evidence”. He knew though that it was pointless to fight. At least Lana was in a better place.

Either way, Lex was a danger to him. He was a danger to both him and Kara. What made the situation even worse was that Kara had saved Lex’s life. And what was it with Lex attracting Kryptonians? Lex had once again almost drowned and Kara had saved him from a watery grave.

She didn’t stick around . . . at the time, she was still on a quest to find him. Lex had caught a glimpse of her and he was worried that Lex would be looking for Kara now. That man was never one to let anything go.

A laugh broke him from his thoughts and he glanced up to see Kara staring at him, with an amused look on her face.

“Oh Kal-El,” she greeted him, “Must you be so serious all the time?”

“I’m not,” Clark argued and then grinned. “I just got lost in my thoughts.”

“I didn’t even realize you were home,” she said, taking a few steps toward him. “I was in the Talon and I heard you enter the farm.”

He glanced around his surroundings. His home, but he was there so infrequently nowadays. It was abandoned most of the time too. Kara didn’t even live here. She worked at the Talon and resided in the apartment there. In fact, that was where she had her first conversation with Lex. Afterwards, she recapped their encounter and Clark knew that Lex was suspicious of her.

He won’t touch her, Clark vowed. No way would he let Lex hurt someone else he cared for. Not now, not ever again.

“Kal-El,” Kara said in a sing-song voice. “You’re going back to dreamland.”

He managed a smile. “I’m sorry. So how was work?”

“It was busy, but good,” Kara said, taking a seat on the couch next to him. “So how did you make it home this weekend? Needed to escape the roommates?”

Clark laughed, “No, I’m okay with them. I guess I just needed to be home.”

“You’re okay?” Kara teased, “Even with Lois around?” She didn’t need to be around long to see how Lois and Clark picked on each other mercilessly. But even she could see that underneath all the teasing, they did care for one another.

“Even with Lois,” Clark laughed. If someone had told him a few months ago, he would be living with Lois Lane willingly, he would’ve insisted they be institutionalized.

Then again, everything had changed within the last few months. For one, Metropolis University had recovered from the damages of Dark Thursday and reopened. It welcomed not only its former students but two more than Clark knew of- Lois and himself. Clark had taken his mother’s words to heart and knew he needed to complete his education. He had been accepted to Metropolis University as a journalism major. Imagine his surprise when he found out Lois had too.

Apparently, she shared his sentiments over completing her degree. Chloe, of course, was going back and Clark was happy he had support in what he knew was not going to be an easy task. The decision for the three of them to get an apartment together had been completely out of the blue.

Lois’s article on what happened to Wes Keenan had caught everyone’s attention. Lex may have escaped a jail term but he had a lot of work to do before he could get back to his old schemes. And Lois’s article caught the attention of the editors of the Daily Planet. It also caught her a job there.

She and Chloe were now working together. Clark had been worried about the two of them in the same environment, competing but Chloe assured him it was all going well. The three of them would now be spending much of their time in Metropolis.

Commuting from the farm was not even an option, as the last thing he wanted to do was get on Lex’s radar again. Chloe was the one who suggested that they live together. Both girls were his friends and they had no problem living with him, even if he was a guy. They knew he was not going to hit on either one of them, despite the incident with Lois and the red k but that was another matter completely and they both trusted him.

Finding a place had been easier than expected. The top of Clark’s worries had been the farm. But after a discussion with his mother, they decided the land would be rented to some of his neighbors and they took good care of it. The house would remain untouched though.

And so went their lives. Between classes, working at the school newspaper and finding the remaining Zoners, Clark was busy. Luckily, Kara was there to assist him with the Zoners and Chloe and Lois made great study buddies. Working at the paper was a nice break and he found he enjoyed writing. Journalism had been the perfect major after all.

Remembering his cousin was still around, he said, “Lois is not really around a lot anyway.”

“Yeah, isn’t she dating that guy?” Kara asked. She was used to him drifting off into his thoughts, especially lately. The past few months had been difficult for him but she was proud of him for coming out of it so well.

Kara pressed her lips together and observed her cousin. He was always so serious and she was saddened by this. Kal-El, or was he was known to the humans, Clark was far too young to be so stressed. He should be enjoying life but instead, he acted as if he was carrying the world on his shoulders.

She had met his friends and had taken a liking to Chloe Sullivan. That girl had spunk and she definitely appreciated the way he was there for her precious cousin. Even Lois with all her constant jokes was good for him. Kal-El always seemed so reserved by with Lois, he was open so she approved of the brunette. Of course, she had to be more careful around Lois than she did Chloe. Chloe knew Kal-El’s secret but Lois was still in the dark. Making up a story hadn’t been too difficult.

His words brought her back to reality. “Yeah, I think his name is Grant,” Kal-El was saying. “I met him once . . . nice guy. He’s a junior editor at the Daily Planet.”

Clark smiled in remembrance. Lois had met the guy on her first day of work and according to Chloe, they hit it off. According to Chloe, Lois had been reluctant to date him at first but a few weeks later, she agreed for a date.

He had met Grant when he was picking up Lois for their date. 6’ tall, brown hair and light blue eyes . . . he was definitely different than Oliver. But different might be good for Lois. At least this guy didn’t have lead a double life and parade around at night in a costume fighting crime . . . as far as he knew anyway.

Grant had been surprised that Lois lived with Clark but unlike Oliver, didn’t see any vibes. The two of them talked for a few minutes and Clark liked him. Hopefully Lois wouldn’t get hurt this time around.

He felt a nudge at his side. “I’m glad Lois is happy,” Kara stated, “But what about you Kal-El? Is there no one for you?”

Clark sighed. “No, love is just too much trouble.”

A smaller hand covered his own and he lifted his head to meet Kara’s eyes. “Kal-El, I don’t know what happened with you and Lana.” She paused for a moment and continued, “But perhaps, the reason it didn’t work out is because you weren’t meant to be in the first place.” She smiled warmly. “I know you’re hurt over her death but isn’t it time you moved on?”

“I’m over Lana,” Clark said honestly. “I am . . . it wouldn’t have worked out even if she had survived. I think to some level the two of us were clinging to the past. At one point, we worked but no longer. It’s just a relationship is hard work. It requires time and patience and a lot of effort from both people . . . none of which I am willing to give at this point in my life.”

“Nobody said anything about a serious relationship,” Kara pointed out, “You can . . . what do you call it? You can “date”, can’t you? Having dinner or going to a movie with a girl doesn’t necessarily mean you’re committed to her.”

“I guess,” Clark said doubtfully.

“You’re busy,” Kara agreed. “But you can’t coop yourself up with work and studies . . . you’re young yet. Take some time to enjoy yourself . . . enjoy life.”

“I do enjoy life,” Clark insisted.

Kara didn’t look convinced. “I just want you to be happy.”

Clark softened. “And I appreciate it. But I can take care of myself.”

“Okay, fine,” Kara said, finally relenting. “Just . . . go to a party once in a while, okay? You’re only young once.”

Clark nodded and she smiled, standing up suddenly. “I’m going to go for a run . . . or a fly . . . I just need some fresh air,” Kara told him. “See you later, Kal-El.”

“Be careful,” he said and watched her exit. He rested his head against the couch and took her words into consideration.

Lately, he had been burying himself with work but he had so many responsibilities. But was he so far gone that even Kara noticed how little pleasure he was getting from life? He did have fun though . . . he hung out with Chloe and sometimes Lois.

Clark bit his lip. Maybe after the Zoners are destroyed, Clark thought but stopped himself.

This was what Kara meant. Maybe he did need to get out more. He shook his head. Next time, Chloe and Lois invited him to a party, he’d go.

Hearing footsteps, he smiled. “Did you forget something Kara?” he asked.

“Kara? Who’s Kara?” a voice that was clearly not his cousin replied. For one, it was male . . . and it was very familiar. He looked up and smiled. A blonde . . . not Kara but someone he knew very well indeed.

But a question stood out in his mind. What was Oliver Queen doing back in Smallville?

Chapter 2
Tags: category: slash, collie, fandom: smallville, fanfic, ship: clark/oliver, story: accidentally in love
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