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Movies Meme

I was tagged by babydracky and it sounded fun so I decided to give it a shot

1. List your top ten favorite movies ( 10-1, in order of how much you like 'em)
2. Use one sentence and only one to describe why you think it's good
3. Tag four people and see how many of you love the same movies

I'm tagging
boltgirl426, morganichele, mitsuki_shizuka & mssullivan! Have fun guys. ;)

10. Ocean's Eleven
      An extremely intelligent robbery plus Brad Pitt is a perfect combination for entertainment.

9. Batman Begins
Christian Bale rocked this movie and even Katie Holmes couldn't ruin it for me.

8. Bend it Like Beckham
A cute comedy that made me laugh and the guy was pretty hot too! ;)

7. Bourne Ultimatum
This was the best conclusion to the movies and completely action packed- absolutely amazing!

6. Aladdin
This will always be my favorite Disney movie and Jasmine my favorite princess- who doesn't like to see a princess who has a pet tiger and can kick butt if necessary? ;)

5. A Few Good Men
Tom Cruise was actually really cute in this movie and everyone's favorite line from Jack Nicholson "You can't handle the truth!"

4. Dil to Pagal Hai
A hindi movie and one of my absolute favorites- a romantic comedy with lots of songs and happy endings, which I recommend if you can handle 3 hour movies and don't mind subtitles if you don't understand Hindi.

3. Spiderman 2
I always enjoyed this more than the first one- more Spiderman and a very good looking James Franco . . . great combination!

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
The first one is the best one and I don't think any of the sequels can compare- an adorable, innocent Will and a hilarious Jack make a great team in this great movie.

1. Kal Ho Na Ho
If you're into Hindi films, this was just a fabulous one- romance and comedy and lots of catchy songs make this movie #1 on my list.

Just because I didn't tag you doesn't mean I don't think you should do this! It's fun and if you have some time, I really think you should take a few minutes and list out your favorites! And let me know so I can see your list! :D
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