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New SV Spoilers! :D

Thanks to shelly505 and Kryptonsite, I found out that there is news up about the 17th episode. :)

Episode #8-17: "Hex"

UPDATED 12/8/08:
- The episode's guest is a character named "Cassie" whose father taught her about sorcery before he passed away. We're wondering if "Cassie" might be a substitute name for the DC Comics magician character Zatanna, much like "Melissa" was substituted for "Maxima" in initial leaks. Many Silver Age DC Comic books told the tale of Zatanna looking for her father, Zatara. Interesting trivia: Zatara first appeared in the same comic book that introduced Superman - Action Comics #1!
- Cassie tries to get Oliver to believe in witchcraft, and comes to him for help. Apparently Lex had obtained an item before he disappeared that she would like to obtain. She offers to give Oliver his "deepest desire" if he helps her.

"His deepest desire"? Of course, just like Shelly, my mind went to Clark. Oh, the PLOT BUNNIES! I'm getting a bit overwhelmed by them already. I wonder what Clark's doing. burningqueen suggested that rumors are saying Tom's directing the 18th so he may not be in much of this one, which is why his name is out of the spoilers.

That's all speculation though. I hope at least Lois is in this one! There's nothing to the contrary but it's not confirmed either. :\

Oh well, I'm waiting for hiatus to be over! This all sounds very exciting!

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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