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SV Spoilers!

I found out through shelly505 that there were new spoilers up on Kryptonsite.

Episode #8-16: "Turbulence"
UPDATED 12/8/08: "Turbulence" as a title refers to interactions between Clark and Tess on Oliver's jet as well as turbulence associated with Jimmy's return from his coma.
- Tess takes Clark out of town with her to an important press conference in another city.
- Clark tries to find out from Tess how much Lex had actually told her about him.
- Jimmy reacts violently seeing Davis and has an angry outburst towards Chloe.
- Davis visits a cathedral where he confesses that he has hurt people that he cares about.

So, because they can't invade Ollie's penthouse anymore, they go to his jet? Confusing. Clark and Tess interacts are usually interesting though.

Jimmy freaks out, huh? Does he know about the Doomsday thing or something? Curious. :\

It's too bad Clark's not flying but I had a feeling they'd save that for the end of the season.

Episode #8-17: "Hex"
Directed By: Tom Welling

UPDATED 12/9/08: This episode puts a spin on the "Chlois theory" as a magic spell turns Chloe into Lois... literally.
- Cassidy Freeman (Tess) and Sam Witwer (Davis) do not appear in this episode.

I'm sorry, WHY? Are they trying to appease Chlois theorists or something? I'm sorry, show, but you don't have to do that. It's never going to happen so why even bother? That's just so stupid. You're NOT making me happy with these things.

Tom IS directing this episode so maybe it won't be as bad as it seems. But I'm really wary going in. :\

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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