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Fic Recs! :)

Yes, it's that time! I felt I was overdue. It's another long one! Enjoy!

1. Pride Restored (Clark/Lois, PG) by bichito- I thought this was a very cute Clois fic. It's set post-Bride. I really enjoy her Lois and Clark. The banter is adorable and it's just an all around fun fic. :D

2. Lights Through A Shining Prism (Clark/Bruce, PG, DCU) by saavikam77- I loved this fic. It was a great idea and she writes both Clark and Bruce so well. So go check it out if you like the ship. You won't regret it! :D

3. A Night of Firsts (Lois/Bruce, PG-13, SV/Batman Begins/The Dark Knight) by ferdalump- I swear, there is nothing this woman can't do. She manips, she vids and she writes ... and she does it all just PERFECTLY! I'm in awe of her and I loved this fic so much. Her Lois and Bruce are fantastic. Lois wants to know who was Bruce's first ... yeah, you can see that going off well. It's hilarious and so worth reading.

4. Christmas Shopping (Clark/Oliver, G) by jaycolin- This melts my heart. I love his Collie and this one is really sweet. It's a cute oneshot where Clark and Ollie make plans to go Christmas shopping but Ollie has some surprises up his sleeve. Trust me, it'll make you smile. :D

5. Sight for Sore Eyes (Clark/Bruce, PG-13, DCU) by ladybugkay- This is set in Tim's POV and he really gets the shock of his life. Her Alfred and Dick are just too adorable.

6. Laws of the Universe (Clark/Lois, G) by nerca_beyul- It's in Lois's POV during that fateful scene in 'Bride' and it will break your heart. She does a great job of getting into Lois's head and I just feel horrible for her all over again. Lois really needed a hug in this episode.

7. Chlex drabbles (Chloe/Lex, various ratings) by vodooman- There's not a lot of Chlex out there and I was glad to see there. There are lots of drabbles here and each other is more fun than the next. Some angsty, some happy ... there's a bit of everything. And it's all good! :D

8. Untitled (Clark/Oliver, Adult) by writeorwrong17- Jealous Clark, helpful Chloe and Lois and hot Collie ... what more could a gal ask for? Clark gets all annoyed when he sees some woman flirting with Ollie and Lois and Chloe help set things right between the boys. Ollie is all hot and possessive and it's makes for a enjoyable fic. :D

9. Jimmarazzi (Clark/Bruce, Jimmy, PG-13) by bradygirl_12- I giggled so much with this fic. Jimmy stumbles upon Clark and Bruce and is determined to get a photo of them. I love the way she writes Jimmy and her Clark and Bruce are simply adorable. Just an all around perfect fic!

10. The Return (Lana, Clark, Lois, PG) by awriternow- This fic ... made me like Lana. I know! It's amazing. It's her POV during that scene in 'Bride' and her Lana was very sweet. I really enjoyed it. :D

11. Ring My Bells (AC, Victor, Bart, Clark/Lois, Oliver/Dinah, unrated) by babydracky- How rare are fics with the JL boys? This one is just really sweet and makes me laugh. Plus, there's fun dialogue, a bit of Clois and Ollie/Dinah too!

12. He's Mine (Clark/Oliver, PG-13) by mitsuki_shizuka- Jealousy is one of my favorite emotions in fics and this one has both possessiveness and jealousy. Ollie's going all crazy over other people flirting with Clark and it's hilarious. Collie = &hearts

13. All He Wants For Christmas (Clark/Lois, NC-17) by mskatej- Her Clois is always fantastic and this one is no exception. It was just pure hotness and made of awesome. I loved the way she writes both characters and her Clark is so bold. Everything about this fic just works and if you're a Clois fan, it's a must read.

14. Davis Bloom – Hero To Those Who Wander Through Dark Alleys In The Dead of Night (Chloe/Davis, Lois, Clark, PG-13) by seriousfic-This is a sequel to Chloe Sullivan- Sidekick to the Stars and it's just as wonderful. It made me laugh and I think you will laugh too.

15. Implied (Clark/Bruce, G, sequel) by adarkerknight- A sequel to Hypothetically Speaking. it's so cute and it makes me all happy inside. Her Clark and Bruce are sweet and I love this as much as I loved the original fic.

16. To My Dad by Clark Kent (Clark, PG) by justforspite- This is not a fic in the traditional sense but it's just a wonderful and unique idea. It's a motion mini fic and just beautiful. Go see it ... it won't take much of your time and it'll warm your heart for sure.

I hope you liked all of those! Remember to leave feedback for the authors. Have a great week everyone!
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