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New spoilers

I found out that new spoilers are up through polytikal, courtesy Kryptonsite.

Episode #8-17: "Hex"
UPDATED 12/15/08: The episode starts with a celebration of Chloe's birthday at the Ace of Clubs.
- Lois is out of town during the period when Chloe is "Lois" so the two won't share any screen time or give us a case of double-vision. (Lois is there for the birthday party, goes off on assignment, and is back by episode's end, though)
- Time in Lois Lane's shoes reveals Clark's feelings for Lois to Chloe.
- A spell is cast on Clark that makes him believe he is a simple reporter with glasses.

Are you serious? I was really hoping for a "Transference" type episode or something! This is not amusing. So we get 4 episodes without Erica and then she returns for an episode that may be an AU, gone again and returns to be CHLOE? Maybe I'm overreacting (it wouldn't be the first time) but it does bug me.

And what is Allison doing then? I mean, does she just have a really small screen time? I'm confused. :\

Though Clark wearing the glasses does amuse me. I want to see where they go with that. I am still holding out for the "Ollie's greatest desire" and hoping that inspires my muses. ;D

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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