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Ask Ausiello News!

cloiser_trish asked a question and had hers answered!

Question: What can you tell me about the upcoming Smallville episode, "Hex"? I hear that by some magic spell Chloe turns into Lois, which has further inflamed the rivalry between Chloe fans and Lois fans. -- Trisha

Ausiello: Well, if that inflamed it, then this little spoiler is going to, um, er,… drive it one notch above inflamed. In one scene from the ep, Clark stares lovingly into Chloe's eyes, but only because he thinks it's Lois. It's at that moment that Chloe learns how hard Clark has fallen for Lois. Um, awkward!

Awkward indeed! But SCORE! He loves Lois! I mean, I knew it would happen but I can't help but be excited. I've really wanted to see more feelings from Clark's side. Something good will come from this episode after all. I'm really excited to see how Erica will play it. I'm sure she'll rock!

Feel free to share your thoughts!
Tags: 8.17 "hex", fandom: smallville, season 8, spoilers
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